Mom & pop cobra project update

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  1. We got the block and rotating assy back this week. Just had to break the glaze on the cylinders and we had the rotating assy balanced. We got forged pistons and rods for the beast. Got a new oil pump and all the usual bottom end stuff. Had the crank journals polished. We had the heads cleaned up and did a little bowl porting on them. Valve springs checked ok so we will reuse them. We replaced the worn out clutch cable. I pulled the rear end apart and rebuilt the Trac-loc and installed new seals. The gears looked great and laid down a good pattern. We're debating getting aftermarket axles as i have had a few hair raising experiences on the track with stockers. Had a stocker come out of the axle housing and did an immediate right towards the wall. Luckily i got it stopped in time before i hit the wall. I did wipe out some of the timing equip and a cone though. The only thing we are not sure of is the camshaft, we have a few grinds running through our minds. What grinds have you folks had good luck with. This will be an occasional track car. it is a 5sp. Getting excited to kick the wifes 95 GT's butt.
  2. What year is it? Sounds like a good project, goodluck
  3. Most people won't recommend a cam without the entire specs of the engine and what your final plans are. (Force Induction / Nitrous or N/A) It sounds like you are doing a basic rebuild and still using the E7's though. Just let us know what your are looking for and the "motor smart" should really be able to help out.

    Personally when it comes time for my motor build, I won't be messing around with a OTS cam. I'll be going straight to a custom cam to help make the most out of my combination.
  4. mom & pop

    This is a 95 cobra. The heads are iron gt40's, 24# injectors, gt40 intake,80mm pro m maf, 70mm tb,K&n filter with silencer removed. JBA headers, h pipe, 2.5" exhaust, 5 spd, 410 gears. Compression ratio will be around 10:1. MSD ignition. As far as pics go, lets see $800+ for a good digital camera or car parts and beer, HMMMMMM, decisions, decisions. See prev posts for more info. thanks to everyone for your input so far. This is turning into a really fun project for us.