Monday is my birthday!

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  1. So what are you guys gonna give your dear old moderator for his "sweet 23rd," huh? :D
  2. Hey, Happy Birthday. :nice:
    Sorry though, I think moderators stop getting birthday presents at 21. :nonono:
  3. happy birthday :nice:
  4. Hell.
    If we bought a gun or knife you may already own it.
  5. You sir have a 12 pack coming your way. Just need an address to send it to. Which do you prefer ? Maybe that's what I'll send everyone on here that has a birthday. :flag:
  6. Cool man, I'm 19 and I'll PM you my address. :nice:
  7. 12 pack, well i like mt. dew, sprite, 7up...ill be 21 in march, write it down :D
  8. Congrat's Garrett! Hope you enjoy yourself.
  9. Weeeeeee! ;) A big nice 23! For your birthday.. I give you the permission to stay here ..muahahah.. ok ok.. it isn't funny... so.. have fun, be happy.. have a nice year!
  10. Happy birthday man! :nice:
  11. Happy birthday And welcome to the age of 23.

  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. Thanks guys (and gals!) :)
  14. Happy B-Day :nice:
  15. Happy Birthday!!
  16. ok its over Get Back To Work!
  17. Sheez! Happy belated Birthday!
    I should have told you on AIM.
    Oh well.
    Hell I forgot my Birthday a couple weeks ago!