mondays suck!

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  1. So I was at home after I got out of work. Ordered some pizza and went out to fech my self some beer. Well, you know how they say most accidents happends within 5mi of your home. If the irony wasn't enough and the fact my sister said don't get into an accident jinxed my [email protected]$. I was making a left hand turn from a side street. Checked for cross traffic twice started to make a left hand turn, an impacted with a motorcylce. I hit him on my passenger side front bumper area and on the right hand side swing arm right where the pipes run out next to the frame. The worst part is we both made eye contact a mili second before he went down. He broke his leg thank god nothing more as of when he left in the ambulance. Not to sound morbid or anything, I'm glad I wasn't in my SVO or it could have been worse. The van I was driving is pretty messed up. I'm thinking just by the way it happend he would have went through the windshield on the mustang had that been involved. I feel so terrible... :bang: :bang: :bang: :puke: :chair:
  2. At least he didn't die. I knew a guy in high school that pulled in front of a motorcyclist right in front of school, the guy tried to lay it down but went headfirst into the quarter panel and broke his neck instantly. Not a pretty sight.
  3. that's a bummer, glad it wasn't the svo.

    glad the other guy is ok.

    bikes are hard to see sometimes, or he may have come outta nowhere.

    I've been hit by cars twice while on motorcycles when they didn't know I was there. It hurts. :D