Moni Carlo Bar Question

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  1. will the curved moni carlo bar work on my 65 with an hei distributor? i dont want to order one and it not fit with it, seeing how big the distributor is already
  2. I have a curved bar that i use when i set up spring towers it should clear a HEI Dist. it does clear a stock Dist.
  3. ok thanks, was going to order one but wasnt sure if it would clear that huge a$$ hei
  4. Here is my 67 with the HEI and curved Montecarlo bar:
  5. thanks for the pic gikort after horse sence replied i went ahead and ordered it. hopefully it will be in the week
  6. Finally got it installed but it did clear the hei but it was close
  7. I'm just curious,
    Why HEI? The Duraspark (EEC 3) distributor wayyy outperformed the HEI in a test Hotrod Mag did in the early to mid '90s. The Duraspark even outperformed Mallory, Accel, and MSD in that test.
    If it's for the one wire install, and no external module, then I guess I understand.
  8. It was in the car already when I purchased it! So I left it in there , will probably change it out when ever I change out the engine but until then I'll leave it there!
  9. Good plan. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! If you are changing spark plugs on that ignition system, Buy the plugs that fit the heads, and gap 'em at .o45.
  10. I bought motorcraft plugs and set them .045