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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 98CobraClone, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Anyone interested in a group purchase from Meier Racing? I called them today and they said that they will sell the kits for $1400 total. They said the molds are ready to go, and make each kit as an order comes in.

    I'll probably be ordering within the next month or so, if anyone else is interested.
  2. Do you have a link for them? I can't belive that the kit would be that cheap, given the limited number of enthusiasts.
  3. They don't have anything on there website about the Handler kit but they do own the molds, a friend of mine is related to the owner and he checked.
  4. Unfortunately he's right. There is nothing on the website, and you have to call the company. I WILL be ordering a body kit, but just figured they would give a group discount.
  5. What is the Monroe Handler? I have seen talk about it but had never new what it was or what it looked like. Any pics?

  6. I have a built model if anyone is interested...
  7. These kits are pretty nice and my bodyguy didn't have much to do to make them fit. I paid $1400 for mine last Febuary and shiping to PA was $200 and it came boxed VERY well.
  8. Project77,

    What did the thickness of the fiberglass look like?
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