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  1. First off, thanks to Mike Raburn here at Stangnet for handling the press release on our 05 Cobra project car. It's on the main home page for those who may have not seen it.

    Here are some more pics of the car, for those of you who have asked for them...














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  2. Great Pics!
    Where on LI are you located? I just moved to Bayside from Malverne(near garden city, valley stream) lookin for a good shop....
  3. The car is really obscene man!! It looks really radical as it poses as if it fears nothing! Also, based on the info posted about the power, I dont think fear is something that car will ever have to understand! LOL!!

    Thats what you call a Brutal Stang!! You guys are doing an absolutley amazing job on the car visually, and mechanically!...

    In all honesty I must say, I dont think I have seen an 05 Mustang body style look as spectacular as that car.. I have seen several different body styling kits. That one although simplistic really, is blended perfectly with the white wheels and ralley stripes.. The chin spoiler and ducktail are perfect..

    Feel confident that the image of the car depicted, gets to the heart and soul of what a Mustang should represent.. You have captured the essence of what is called a Mustang.. I can feel that cars presence in my bones when I look at the pics.. This is important, because even the Eleanor body kits do not do this to me personally.. Keep up the good work!! :nice:
  4. Dear lord!:drool: :drool:

    So Sal, why don't you do something like this with the newer F-150's(aka Lightning)?:D
  5. amazing. should have been!

    p.s. the rear of that car gives me chills :D heck, the whole car does :D
  6. LOL!! Didnt even know this screen name existed! LOL!! :D

    Confirmation that the term Brutal Stang, is saved only for the Mustangs which are better than the best thats available! :nice:


    Didnt mean to involve you in my post!! LOL!! But your name is the only one that can be applied to that car! :nice:
  7. Looks good, except for the "COBRA" stripes on the side. They are just too big and gawdy, remids me too much of the Mustang II Cobra.

    Rear looks GREAT
    Front looks good, air dam is a bit too big for me (how long before it gets torn up on speed bumps or curbs), but overall the look works

    Hood scoop looks good, the right size.
    The "Sheby" type stripes look good.
    And who can argue about blue with white stripes.
    I can take or leave the while wheels, I'd probably go with polished aluminum or chrome.

    Just wondering if you are going to get into a trademark infringement problem with Ford, who owns the "Cobra" trade mark as it applies to motor vehicles.
  8. You did notice his signature,he kinda like's the Mustang II.

    Looks good Sal!!

    Thanks Mike
  9. Puts on flame suit..........

    Yuck, I think its cheap looking and ugly (sorry but it's my opinion)
  10. i kinda agree. i liked it better without the fog lamps and the cobra offset. it looks like a regular GT with a chin spoiler and some stripes. i like the prototype pics much much better.
  11. WOW!!! I'll respect the honest opinion of 351CJ.. But damn, there is alot of spite that just walked in.. Its truley shocking when grown damn men act like little brats, who find great pleasure in saying a bunch of nothing in regards to nothing..

    I guess he is looking for opinions.. I guess we have to take the good with the bad..

    But this only makes it more obvious who can spot a stylish Mustang with class, and those who cant.. If you find this particular mustang to be ugly, then by all means, do not profess to love the cars..

    What makes this particular setup awsome, IMHO...LOL!!...Is that the kit itself is not overdone..

    Take a look at the kit, and you will notice, the true lines of the actual 05 bodystyle have not been touched.. Meaning no excessive body kit to distort or add to an already beautiful form... Alot of the body kits out try to inflate certain areas of the car, to add more spice to the original Ford concept of what the 05 Mustang should look like.. But notice how this one, leaves all those special 05 cures un-touched... Its actually a pure work of perfection, if you know what your looking at, and for..

    But if you dont have a true sense of the Mustang, and its form as its presented, then you wont see that the creater of this car is a true Mustang lover.. A lover of the car as it is meant to be.. Study the lines of the car in the picture.. Notice its all 05 mustang bodystyle represented as it should be, and only touched in those spots deemed worthy by Shelby himself!!
  12. LOL.......... knew that flame suit would come in handy :nice:
  13. Yet another fake Cobra, what is sooo special about that??

    Not sure if Ford can/will do something about it but, I will be making some calls to see.

    Even if Cobra is not a TM, I know for sure SVT is and to put it on a non SVT engine seems pretty wrong to me.

  14. Kind of hard to have a "fake" of something that doesn't exsist :p .

    If you guys read the press release, this car was a tribute of sorts to SVT and the Cobra nameplate, since there were no 05 SVT vehicles.

    SVT is well aware of this car, and they absolutley love it. They were shown pictures of the car well before the public saw them. They have no problem with what we did. Just FYI.

    Thanks to all so far who have given positive comments on the car. I came out just as I envisioned, and it sure is fun to drive. :D
  15. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. It doesn't exist so it is real.

    Your calling it an 05 Cobra which there is no such thing as. People in this thread are thinking it is a real Cobra also if you read the posts.

    Taking a few Cobra emblems and painting Cobra in a couple of places and slapping on a couple of SVT badges on the engine does not a Cobra make.

    I really have a hard time believing Ford and SVT bought off on this and actually gave a thumbs up but, I will find out tomorrow.

    If they tell me they have, then they will drop down a notch in my book and make me less proud to be a SVTOA Chapter Director that's for sure.
  16. I really respect your opinion Sir! You have a very nice real "Cobra"! But can you just give the guy a break? We know its not a real Cobra! It is a representation of what one could have looked like, if Ford chose to go that route earlier on..

    I can really respect you being the president of a chapter down in San Diego, but shouldn't you be alittle easier on guys that dont carry your distinction? You seem to be throwing around alot of weight for nothing.. Getting all hot and bothered because you guys cruised around with John Force.. LOL!! Man please keep that high and mighty [email protected]$# in San Diego! Its too hot up here in the Bay Area to read some big bad ass throwing around alot of weight because you may differ on others points of view.. Who do you think you are man? The President of the San Diego Chapter of Cobra Stangs! So what, we could all care less who you are..


    I sure hope you have some good contacts at SVT man.. If so, see if you can get this guy stripped of his title! LOL!! :D
  17. Well thank you for respecting my opinions and thank you for saying my real Cobra is nice and thank you for respecting my volunteer role in the SVTOA.

    I will be a little easier when Ford and SVT tell me the up and up about this. Until then I will be as high and mighty as I please. You are perfectly free to not read any of my high and mighty posts so that it won't get hotter in the bay area?

    I sure hope he does have some good contacts there also. Stripping of a volunteer, voted in title may be stretching it though LOL It definitely is not near as glamorous a position as you seem to be thinking. Course, we did cruise around with John Force....

    Anyways, I know SVTOA is pretty strict on how people use their pics and such. I would think SVT would be also. I am just finding it hard to imagine that they would be Ok with a publicly done thing like this and having their name put on it. If they tell me different, fine.

    I will still think it is cheesy, unclassy (Is that a word?) and cheap and I do not like it and if SVT tells me they bought off on it then I will think less of them for doing so.

    I know I am not the only one who feels this way just as there are others that feel the opposite, shrug...

    Hey MSP, maybe you can start a SVTOA Chapter in the Bay area?!??!

  18. Wow talk about your "true colors"............... LOL the car is a joke

    Take an 05 GT....... paint (yuck) 03/04 wheels........ and a ugly ricer strip...... put SVT where it does not belong......... share a rear end with Cobra AND gt (yuck)........

    The car is a pretender no matter what you call it........ The missing "05 SVT" LOL..........
  19. God dam MSP wtf is Power Surge your bf or something, ***** get off his nuts. People arent going to like the car, not everyone will like it, and that goes with anything. I thought we would be "Its truley shocking when grown damn men act like little brats, who find great pleasure in saying a bunch of nothing in regards to nothing.." Plus, your the one here acting like a "little brat" because not everyone likes the car, lol U MAD? U MAD. Ur mad that other peoples opinios disagree with you, come on man that was like 4th grade. And then hating on the guy for being whatever he is(note: im too lazy to scroll down and re-type it) but you know for a dam fact if you werent ragging on the guy and you owned a cobra you would die to be in that spot, almost all of us would. Stop the hate, its not cool :notnice:

    The car isnt a cobra, has the qualities, maybe even looks of a cobra but its not. Cool to look at some parts, i like the engine setup, but not cool for people to think "hey look at that cobra" on the streets.

    It doesnt really matter to me, I dont care what you say about me or the car since it isnt mine and im not 12, but ill wear the flame suit along with my special rubber boots for the hidden pieces of :bs:
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