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  1. When we first showed the pre-press release pics to SVT, they asked us if we wanted to do conversion packages to 05s, what the cost would be, if we could offer financing, etc, etc. So I highly doubt I have to worry about any "copyright infringment". Well, that, and the fact that they didn't say "you can't do that" :).

  2. So what would a person be looking at if they were to go with a PowerSurge Cobra Conversion, sanctioned by Ford and SVT?

    Whats a ballpark price?

    I just dont understand why Ford would single out Power Surge on anything.. Its not like they sued Steve Saleen for using a Mustang to make a profit for his business..

    "How dare Saleen use our Mustangs, and put Saleen emblems on them. Thats not a Saleen, its a Mustang!'...

    Utterly ridiculous..

    Also Powersurge, it appears you have deliberatley ignored my post in regards to the V6 Stangs..
  3. Well let's not get ahead of ourselves here, SVT did not say they would or would not back such an endeavor, they just showed interest in the idea.

    Sorry, wasn't ignoring you, just missed that part as there's a lot going on in this thread.

    I am always up for a custom setup. We do a ton of custom fab work and I love making one off projects (we have a Gen2 Lightning powered Cobra II). I don't see any reason we I couldn't fit any blower to any car, I've done it many times in the past. It really comes down to how much someone wants to spend on a project like that.
  4. I was more referring to whether or not your company would be into making retail kits for the v6's.. Sounds like you guys just kinda do custom work only?

    I will install my own Supercharger.. If I couldnt do it myself, then my car shouldnt have it.. Not like I can ship it to New York, everytime it needs some work done..

    Basically, focus on the retail SC KIT aspect.. If your only doing one off's then I understand..
  5. Well, we do make some of our own retail parts, but a V6 blower kit is not in the budget right now. Sorry :(.

  6. Ok thanks Surge.. The V6'ers are again overlooked.. Well, not really, I have a contact in Florida, making me a kit as we speak.. These kits will be available to the public soon.. I was trying to intice you into a market where you stand to make much more money, but it appears most shops who specialize in V8's are closed minded towards the V6's.. Which is unfortunate, but true.. I understand now.. Thanks PowerSurge!! Keep up the good work! :nice:
  7. This thread degenerated into some of the **** I used to read from mostly Roush owners.

    To Surge: the car is unique and quite beautiful.

    To MSP: check with Jackson Racing ( They seem to work with smaller motors, and have Focus kits. Maybe they'll do a V-6 kit? If you're first to ask, maybe you'd get to prototype :D
  8. MSP, I think you're overreacting a little. I never said anything like that. I have no problems making anything for anything. We just don't have the time or the budget to get involved with that right now. Has nothing to do with the car being a V6.

  9. Thanks for the heads up Infinity02Zinc!
  10. I have no idea who is producing superchargers for the 4 liter V6, but if you're really that serious then you should hold out for one of the other major SC manufacturers. You'll probably get more power and pay less money than you will with Eaton. This is why Ford is going to Whipple Charger for the '07 Shelby.
  11. I really like the look of the car. Yes, I thought it looked a little too much like a mustang II, but it works here pretty damn well.

    I don't for the life of me understand the hostility directed against those who don't like the car, to each his own. Your put your car up on stangnet, you're going to get some criticism, but it's all opinion.

    As per the stink about the post being misleading, I agree to some degree. When I saw the svt cover in the engine department, I thought wtf???? Who built this thing????

    That said, nicely modded GT, Great looking, Nice colors (looks a bit like my 66 fastback) nice engine mods.

  12. Thanks for the compliment Eric. I knew the MII styling would cause a little contraversry, but I felt in the end, the car would look better that way. I'd bet anything if I never mentioned the II styling, that few people would have even said anything.

    I have no problems with those who don't like it, I didn't expect everyone to like the car. The only thing that's annyoing is the guy who thinks he's god's gift to SVT and is crying that he's going to "report" me to SVT. That guy needs some Prozac.

    Yes the car is a "fake" Cobra. So what? Has nobody ever seen a GT done up like a Cobra before? Has nobody ever seen cars made into "R" clones? Those are all fake too. But the difference with this car is that it's not a "copy" of anything. There is no 05 Cobra. There is no 05 SVT at all. So what's it a "copy" of? Sure some people see the car and think it's a new Cobra. Big deal. Real enthusiasts know there is no 05 Cobra. This car was built in fun, as a tribute to several generations of the Cobra nameplate, and SVT's involvement in the later year cars. Yes it confuses people. That's part of the fun. Now they will go online or pick up a magazine looking for info on the Cobra and educate themselves even more.
  13. I could be misreading things here, I'm not sure others are upset that it's a "FAKE COBRA" I think they feel that the thread was misleading. I think people who aren't as MUSTANG AWARE as the stangnet group could fall into thinking this was the Ford SVT 2005 Cobra! That would be wrong.

    My 66 fb has shelby stripes including the little gt350 stripes down low. It has the shelby style windows and front valance and no one has ever given me the blues for having a clone, fake, rip off piece of crap.... But, I'm fast to say, "it's not a real gt350, just a nice looking fake. Although if a girl had huge boobs and seemed impressed that it was a cobra I suppose..... NO WAIT, wife would kill me!!

    I'm pretty sure Sal would be the first to tell someone that his car was not a ford produced COBRA. He'd make a lot more money telling others, I made it and I can make one for you. Just give my your credit card information and your 05 GT, I'll have it ready for you in a month!

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  14. Eric, you are right on the money. When people ask about the car, I always tell them we built it. After all, that was the whole idea. Build something that visually caught people's eye, and let them inquire about. While I don't plan to build this exact car for someone else, it shows a little of what the company can do for someone who wants something custom.

    As for people reading this thread being misled, the press release is on the main page of the site and explains everything about the car. Even for those who don't visit the main page, I said right in the first post, that this thread was just adding more pictures to what was in the press release. So the "truth" behind the car has always been there from day one. We are not trying to mislead anyone.
  15. MSP seriously you are truly an idiot.

    Steve Saleen pays big bucks to Ford to do what they do. Just like Roush does. Heck, I think I will contact them also now that I think about it.

    Powersurge has not and was not endorsed at all by SVT or Ford on this project.
  16. Hey "guy" this "guy" is right here LOL

    If it doesn't bother SVT/Ford/Saleen/Roush that you are trying to pass off fake Cobra's then it won't bother me and then I can stop taking Prozac. Until then I will keep doing what I am doing.

    Like I have said before, you are doing this as a Company in an official capacity. I saw real Companys last year do lots of neat things to their GT's at the SEMA show. Well before you tried your puny attempt. At least they don't try to copy and misrepresent and false advertise to get business.

    Now to have your Company insulting people is not a good thing. Time to make some more posts on other Forums about your Company. Not sure why you want negative publicity but hey, I can go there also...

    Ken the "guy"

  17. No, I think its more like your an idiot Mr.ChubRock! I could give a damn about whether or not Powersurge handled his business correctly.. It makes no difference to me.. Your a %uckin idiot moron! StangNet put his $hit on this website for consumption, and I would expect that they made sure he is legit.. If he's not legit then thats his problem..

    Anyway, who are you to be going on the worldwide web and checkin people on whats legit and whats not?

    You know what, your %uckin worthless!! I dont why people are wasting their time on you. I cant believe the moderators allow your sorry ass to continue with this BS! If SanDiego Stangers elected you as a Director, then they are all worthless ass-backwards seaside jackass'es too. This is complete BS!
  18. Show me where I am trying to pass off "fake Cobra's". We built one car, and told everyone exactly what is was.

    What did we copy? A car that doesn't exsist? How about all the companies that made thier cars look like old Shelbys, Bosses, and Mach1s? Should they all be punished as well?

    What are you, three years old? You're clearly wrong, so you're going to go cry your case to other people that you might persuede to see things your way so you can feel like you are right?

    Does my car threaten you in some way? Are you afraid that people will like it better than yours? If not, then what is your major malfunction?
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  19. Sal, that is the best looking 05 I've seen so far. :nice:
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