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  1. Thats all its about EZGoing! :nice: Thats it! You either like it or you dont.. Its not our business what PowerSurge's relationship with Ford and SVT is.. Thats his business, and he should not be forced to give names, ranks, or serial numbers.. He should not be forced to answer any questions in that regard.. He is an established Shop, and should have enough experience to conduct his relationships with them on his own terms..

    I'm not defending him, he kinda pissed me off with the exclusion of V6's in his end of year 05 plans.. LOL!! But thats niether here nor there.. But the bottom line is, he has done a great job, and does not owe, or need to prove anything. Unless he tries to sell you the car, he must inform you that its a replica.. Thats it.. Anything else discussed in this thread is an attempt to dis-credit him.. All who read this thread must carefully stick to the facts contained within. Which is, this is a "Fake Cobra" created as a Novelty. Nothing more, nothing less.. Used to help create performance parts..

    I hate that it sounds like I am defending him, but these are the facts as they are evident in the front page review of the car..
  2. Powersurge, put your business hat on for one second.

    You are using Copyrighted items AND claiming it is a Cobra by the title of this thread.

    Yes, your fake Cobra does threaten Ford and any other owners of REAL SVT vehicles.

    If I have a real Gucci watch and some 2 bit Company is making a clone/fake one of it and announcing it as a real one then that is illegal unless Gucci said the 2 bit Company could do that.

    Now that the heat is on you are finally eluding to the fact that SVT nor Ford has done that in this case. If no one complains to stop people like you then it keeps going and going.

    Well I for one will press this to the max now. Especially with your attitude and your Companies attitude.

    I know for some reason you think I am a nobody but, we will see. You have made it personal and involving a Company to boot. And that clown MSP is definitely not helping your case because he has made it even more personal that I follow up with this to the end.

    Anyways, I am done posting here. Everything else will be by phone/letterhead.
  3. I agree 100%, but that's not even close to what I have done.

  4. Oh I see how it is, now you wanna talk respectable.. Earlier you wanted to insult everyone, and question peoples character.. Question their motives, their legitamacy.. Now all of a sudden, you want to be Mr. nice guy, and MSP has made this personal.. LOL!! Prozac.... Dont stop taking it....


    You and I dont even know each other.. But in my opinion, you have already let this guy go too far.. He questioned your motives, abilities, character, and credibility.. He has insulted you several times in this thread without any intervention from those dedicated to make sure threads dont get out of hand.. He has insulted me, after I tried to poor cold water on the situation several pages back.. He is now insulting you once again, but going out of his way to disrupt or bring to the forefront a situation which is absolutley none of his business..

    Stop pulling punches with this guy.. He has made it his destiny to dis-credit Power Surge as a company..
  5. the funny thing is, he's not even close to being the biggest "idiot" at's just a sorry product of his mustang board he resides on...I just didnt think it would carry over into other sites, so my guess is he's a complete dip-**** in person, along with other SCS members...DA snake boy!!!
  6. :rolleyes: thats what you stated four post ago...I sure would like to see you leave, and take your little **** SCS homo members with ya while your at it :notnice: ...You have your maximum 8 to 12 religous members that log in at your board, that will follow you with their blind allegience to make you feel like "The Cobra King" :rlaugh: ...DA snake boy!!!!
  7. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: ...OMG, thats goin in my sig at all the So Cal boards I reside on :rlaugh: ...that has to be quote of month :flag: ...DA snake boy!!!

  8. Because you feel everyones a threat.

    Even Eos.
  9. Wow, I can post, can't believe this thread is not locked.

    Not wanting to start an argument, I did not post after seeing the photos. But since the rumble is on I would like to offer my non valued opinion just to get it off my chest.

    This car is a joke.

    Just like a V6 with a Cobra on the side.

    Would you respect a guy who put GT insignia on his V6 and drove around like it was a GT??

    Hey sir, that is a wonderful looking Cobra, what year is it?? Well, son it is an 05 but it is not a Cobra, they did not make an 05 Cobra but I needed some attention so I fabbed all the stuff myself. One of a kind Cobra/GT/loser mobile. Wanna ride?? It is actually a little slower than a stock GT due to all the extra weight but you looked at me so it is all good.

    Now before you flame me, the car is freaking gorgeous, I love it, just take the damn Cobra and SVT stuff off of it and you have a home run. Otherwise it is just a sad joke. Maybe create a name for it, it merits that. We should start a "name this car" thread. Not joking at all, I do love the car.
  10. Not to start a fire, just a few questions..

    After conversing somewhat with someone I find to be considerably respectable in all aspects, a few questions have popped up in my mind.. These are more ethical...

    I might try and get to the bottom of this situation, but trying to stay impartial..

    Is the problem here that PowerSurge is ok in putting the cobra stripes on the side of the car, but should have left the GT Symbol on the side as opposed to removing it and replacing it with a Cobra symbol?

    After further comtemplation of this situation, I have come to the conclusion that an appropriate way in which to have displayed the car, as to not create such tension would have been leave the GT symbol, and do what ever else to the car he wanted..

    Is this a fair interpretation? I mean ethically, is this the bottom line?

    Honestly, the first thing I look at is the true symbol.. A Pony, GT symbol, or a Cobra.. Regardless how the car looks visually, this tells me the greatest amount of info about the car I need, if I were to see it on the streets.. Those symbols tell me how to approach a conversation with the individual driving the car..

    Basically, an individual will approach this car, he immidiatley will look for signs of authenticity.. Although he is visually impressed with the car, he would like to be able to figure out for himself, what it is he is looking at.. The only way to do this is the chrome symbol on the side..

    Is this a V6 which has been flipped to resemble a Cobra.. Nice Job!... Is this a GT which has been flipped to resemble a Cobra, sweet.. Is this a Cobra which is just outright badass... Jesus Christ!! LOL!! So I guess you can see my point.. The true nature of the car has been stolen from the average passerby, by way of removing the Chrome GT symbol, and replacing it with a Cobra symbol.. I think I understand now.. I agree that the GT symbol should have been left in place..

    That said, I wish this was the approach takin in the beginning, and not the insults that were made..

    By insulting, it made it hard to rationalize the situation..

    Keep in mind, with all this said, the car is a product of R&D.. So if Sal feels he can get more production out of his employees with the Cobra symbol on the side, then more power to him.. LOL!!

    But yes in the end, to preserve the integrity of the Cobra symbol overall, and to keep authenticity paramount in regards to interpretation, the GT symbol should somehow still be involved in some type of way in the car.. But I still trust in Sals overall judgement of what he feels is ethical or not.. I'm not trying to straddle the fence.. My point of review is that the GT symbol should be found somewhere in the design is all.. Somwhere.. If not the Gas cap, then on the front fenders, where most will look as a sign of what it is they are truley being presented with..
  11. MSP,
    I hear what you're sayin'. But when it's all said and done, who cares? It's just a freakin' car. I don't care if he plasters Shelby GT 500 King Cobra all over it. It's just a car. A sweet looking one at that. Honestly, don't you think there are more important things to worry about in life? IT"S JUST A CAR!! The Lightning guys get their panties in a wad over the same stupid thing if somebody puts a Lightning badge on a regular F150. It's their vehicle, WHO CARES? Do you think this somehow devalues your vehicle? If you've got the real deal, good for you. Be happy and enjoy it. But don't worry what the guy next door has or what stickers or badges he's put on it.

  12. I hear ya.. Thats part of my reason originally for arguing the point.. Its his car.. He is the one who has about $50K invested thus far.. Which is why I say I respect his decision in regards to it..

    Its like saying you use Colgate toothpaste, but you have yellow teeth.. So now everyone who owns Colgate Toothpaste is pissed off because somehow they think their teeth wont be as white because yours are yellow and your claiming Colgate.. LOL!! See how ridiculous it is..

    But hey, your really using ColdGoat toothpaste, so it just seems odd to claim Colgate! :D LOL!! We cant win!! He cant lose.. Its a matter of opinon!
  13. Wow !!! Does everyone in San Diego act like that?

    Chupa ... You are an embarrassment to the SVTOA.

    Sal's been tuning Ford's from before you were old enough
    to pound yer pudd ... You come on here with the high
    and mighty "Chapter Director" crap, and attack a FELLOW
    mustang enthusiast. Then drop all those hints about calling
    SVT and such garbage. Which part of "THEY ARE AWARE OF"
    did you seem to miss?

    The next time I'm talking to Hau Thai-Tang, I will see if you
    really are a chapter president ... OK, pard? How's that feel, huh?

    Impuning a man's word or character went out when you became
    a man, supposedly. Maybe you just haven't gotten there yet?

    Very best to your chapter ... try to stay off the popular boards, eh?

    I wouldn't want the average Mustang or Ford owner to get the wrong
    impression of what the SVTOA is about ... (Incidently, isn't it open
    to ANY Ford owner now?) Those Jag's are sure gonna listen to all
    your hot air about the Cobra's, yeah ...
  14. Great job on the 05 GT modification's Sal! The car looks great!!! I'm not a big Mustang II fan, but your 05 is a definite tribute to the car and it looks absolutely fantastic!

    Funny thing is, most of the people whining about your "non authentic" Cobra don't have no freakin' clue! Adding a blower to the car was a major accomplishment, let alone all the time in exterior modifications.

    I give you a thumbs up for the effort and the beauty of driving a bad as$ blown Mustang GT....not many other's can say that.

    Maybe they need to check out the Twin Turbo Gen2 Lightning smoking a 9 sec. ET to appreciate your hard work. :D

    If you don't like the car, have an opinion. If you feel pulled from within to make a post that it's not your style, do so. Then get off the freakin' thread and go drive your 100% authtentic Cobra. No one gives a ratt's as$ because they are a dime a dozen, just like the GT. Don't get me wrong, I loved my 03 Cobra....However, I do realize I'll never see the day it's worth more than I paid for it. We're working on 13 years with the 1993 Cobra and you can still pick up one in great condition for 9-12k. If they limited the Cobra count to near the Cobra R count, it may be a different story.

    Now let's play nice. :nice:
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  15. For once I agree with the Sawman. Again, someone made my point better than I could! :p

  16. The Cobra is not "a dime a dozen".......... production numbers PROVE otherwise

    The Mustang cobra is a REAL SVT vehicle, infact it REMAINS their FLAGSHIP (excepting the legendary GT)....

    This thread bares testimony that some people have become obsessed with this Cobra wannabe car (and it ain't the actual cobra owners IMO)
  17. No romans8:28!! No one is obsessed with this car at all.. Its all a matter of respect.. None was shown here, thus the war, and battle for whats right ensued.. The bottom line on PowerSurge is no matter what, he is one of us.. Its not like he put a cobra emblem on a Camaro.. he put it on a Mustang.. A great looking one at that... Thats all it was about was the dis-respect the he received, but didnt deserve.. Thats what most of the post are about is respect.. Thats all.. Its not really and truley about the car.. The car was used as an excuse to show dis-respect..

  18. I must "respectfully" disagree.......

    I simply went off the very title of the thead itself.....

    05 cobra pictures??????????

    Look, this is the internet and a car forum right?

    One mans trash in anothers treasure right?

    We all get an opinion in America right?

    Since when do I OWE MY RESPECT to anyone?

    Respect is earned :bang:

    It's obvious that YOU and others like/admire the car and thats nice. YOU are entitled to your opinion (as am I)....... I still contend that the car is gawdy and is not something I find attractive, this has NOTHING to do with "respect" this has everything to do with opinion on what is or is not an "attractive" car.

    If someone does not want to hear both positives and negatives about a car they deveolped they damn well should not plaster it on the internet.......

    Could you just imagine an auto maker like Ford telling it's critics to like my car or else....... don't ridicule my car in the press..........

    LOL, you guys are intresting to say the least
  19. Maybe "A dime a dozen" was a bit strong, but what I meant is there is plenty to go around. If someone decides they want a Cobra, at least up until now, they can go buy one less expensive than what they were new. I hope the new Shelby proves that wrong, but it remains to be seen.

    I remember when I went the first time to purchase my 03 Cobra, there was a $5k markup. I bought one 6 months later for $28,800 X plan.

    My point was, don't get all "high and mighty" over someone who dresses up their GT to look like a Cobra. It's not a Fiero converted to a Ferrari... :rolleyes:

  20. What is the title of THIS thread?
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