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  1. So back in December I installed a firewall adjuster because the previous owner had installed a dual hook quadrant and no adjuster. About a month and a half later, the clutch cable broke. I replaced that and adjusted that to where I like my clutch. Last week I was driving to work and I was sitting at a stop light and couldn't get it to go into first gear. Managed to get through the intersection and into a parking lot to take a look. When I looked at the cable where it goes through the firewall, the outer part of the cable was twisted and bunched up. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it adjusted to where I could drive it home. Had it towed home and replaced the cable. Now, every time I drive somewhere, by the time I get to my destination the cable has lost its adjustment and shifts get really hard. The adjuster is at the point to where I'm afraid it's going to spin all the way out. I can't figure out what the problem is. It's like the cable is heating up and stretching next to the motor. I'll post pics of the old cable when I get home, but in the meantime can you guys spitball me some ideas? I'm kinda lost, shes's my daily driver and I would like to get this resolved. Thanks guys. :(
  2. You have the cable routed correctly don't you, especially as it passes by the headers?
  3. I've never seen the correct routing, I just followed what the old cable was routed like...
  4. The adjuster is threaded all the way out because you keep driving the car and the cable is coming apart which is requiring you to keep making adjustments every time you drive. If I could guess youre using a non-adjustable cable, maybe bought at the local auto store? If so I've felt your pain. My suggestion is stick with the quad and FWA but get an adjustable cable, if its not one already. It'll give you way more tweakability and length. And like previously mentioned, make sure it's routed to give a nice arc in the cable without it getting in the way of anything. This based off my experience and should in no way be taken as expert advice.
  5. Oh I forgot, I believe there is a much more knowledgable poster here that I've got that idea for the FWA/adjustable cable combo from. Try a search.
  6. I just did this a couple months ago when I installed me BBK double hook quad, FWA and cable.

    Have you inspected the fork that the cable is bolted to on the transmission? Is it cracked or damaged? There should be a double nut on the cable for adjustibility on the trans fork as well.

    Make sure when you do the install the cable is on the quadrant hook when you put the cable through the trans fork. Your FWA should be adjusted almost all the way in toward the FW so you can adjust in or out(most adjust you'd do would be adjust it out, twisting left so leave yourself the most room in that direction). Get back underneath the car and pull all the slack out of the cable and tighten the double nut. There should be a mount on the driver side wheel well near the front of it that the black cable housing attaches to with one small bolt. Start the car while in neutral and then shift into first gear and if it goes into gear without grinding release the clutch slowly to find the release point. Adjust clutch to your preference (typically engaging from 1" or so off the floor).

    Good luck and double check your work and that you tightened those double nuts on your transmission for the cable. If you still have problems with it getting hard to get in gear after car heats up from driving for a while then try to adjust the clutch to release toward the middle of the peddle travel so by the time it heats up it will still go into gear after driving for a while although it will release closer to the floor but still get you home.

    Good Luck and report back!
  7. I went and found this video. Make sure your's is done the same. It basically reiterates everything I just typed. I should have saved the time and searched first.

    Good luck!
  8. Ok, so I have the routing right. But it's failing in a different way. The actual cable is fine. If you're not familiar with how the cable is assembled, it is a steel core (which is the actual cable), a plastic "sleeve" that the cable slides in, a stiffer outer stranded steel shell, and then the plastic out side. What is happening with my cable is the outer steel core is pushing through the plastic bit at the end and the metal bit at the other end. I'm so lost on wtf is causing this.

    If you look next to the cable you can see the shell piece pushing through.
    Any ideas?
  9. Use only a non adjustable oem cable.. make sure it's lined with a straight shot from pedal through hole through adjuster in firewall with no rubbing

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  10. If its your DD get the adjustable cable and get on the road. Adjustable cables arent popular but It's worth a try. I can attest its the only combo that worked for me. That's after trying a single, double and triple hook quad, fwa and cables from every major parts store near me. They all got eaten up like in your pic.
  11. I've got a Steeda adjustable cable on mine...and zero issues. It's a little pricier than some of the others, but it's as good as you're going to get in an adjustable cable. I'm told the Maximum Motorsports cable is a nice replacement as well.
  12. Clutch4_zpsc1c13be7.jpg Clutch3_zps818c3546.jpg Clutch2_zpsc0933ac4.jpg Clutch1_zps7fb2db01.jpg

    So there's what the old one looked like. I installed the new one and all is well for now. Has anybody seen this happen? and is an adjustable my only option to prevent this in the future?
  13. It's being cocked to one side... u have wear northern sheaths that go into the fwa... cable is breaking there for that reason

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