More efficient Cooling System?


Dec 2, 2019
Pearland, Texas
What's up everybody. Hate to post again for the 3rd time in a week but new to the mustang community & have some questions. As mentioned in previous posts... I have a 2019 GT, Roush 2650 supercharger kit & a Magna Flow catback system. Everything is good but I was wondering about more "extensive" cooling. An overload of cooling so after making pulls in 90+ degree heat, my supercharger won't get heat soaked or anything. I guess too much cooling can't be a bad thing.

Any advice on what cooling system(s) I should install on my car?? Oversized heat exhanger? Chiller systems?
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I Bleed Ford Blue

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Feb 13, 2017
North Olmsted OH
The roush has it's own cooling system, but it will do nothing for heat soak. It's primary purpose is to cool down the incoming air charge temp. A larger heat exchanger will only cool down the air charge a little more. If your car does not have the performance pack, then you might want to upgrade the radiator (the performance pack already has the bigger radiator) and a 170 degree t-stat. They will allow your engine to run cooler and hopefully avoid heat soak.
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