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  1. [09:54] <PsychoCid> YOUR CAR?
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> What do you drive, sir??
    [09:54] <Danzig> MUSTANG
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> what year.
    [09:54] <Danzig> 88
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> hahaha
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> fox
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> well
    [09:54] <Danzig> def
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> they have potential
    [09:54] <Danzig> with a turbo
    [09:54] <PsychoCid> 5.0, yes?
    [09:54] <Danzig> oh it has a 2.3
    [09:55] <Nitelite-> Danzig, are you behind it pushing?
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> is 2.3 the standard 4 cylinder they came with?
    [09:55] <Danzig> with my gas peddle
    [09:55] <Danzig> this one isnt
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> that's pretty gay, sir
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> I mean
    [09:55] <Danzig> its from aThunderbird
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> not to insult turbos
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> but
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> turbocharged 4 cylinder engines are for stuff like eclipses
    [09:55] <PsychoCid> not muscle cars
    [09:56] <PsychoCid> anyone can slap on a badass turbo
    [09:56] <PsychoCid> I mean, yes, you'll kill my car
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> You know what I hate
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> I hate it when I pull into a gas station
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> and there's like a v6 camaro next to me
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> and I have to be embarrased for that guy
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> cause he drives a v6
    [09:57] <Danzig> I still get 28mpg on the highway also
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> yeah, but so what
    [09:57] <Danzig> hahahah
    [09:57] <PsychoCid> I seriously would rather drive like a Cavalier
    [09:57] <Danzig> while your at the gas staion feeling bad
    [09:57] <Danzig> I'm still hauling ass
    [09:58] <PsychoCid> hauling ****, rather
    [09:58] <Danzig> only if your girl is with me
    [09:58] <Danzig> :)
    [09:58] <PsychoCid> nah, hers don't stink like that.
    [09:58] <Danzig> hahaha
    [09:58] <PsychoCid> seriously dude that's insulting
    [9:58] <PsychoCid> mustangs with 4 bangers
    [09:58] <PsychoCid> I don't care if you're doing 0-60 in 2 seconds, it's insulting
    [09:59] <Danzig> you have a 78 firebird no?
    [09:59] <PsychoCid> close.
    [09:59] <Danzig> 79
    [09:59] <PsychoCid> 79 trans am
    [09:59] <PsychoCid> yes, it's like a measily 7 second 0-60
    [09:59] <PsychoCid> but that's stock
    [09:59] <PsychoCid> :p
    [10:00] <PsychoCid> and mine doesn't look like a fox body on the outside
    [10:00] <PsychoCid> lol
    [10:00] <PsychoCid> I like foxes because of their potential, though, actually
    [10:01] <PsychoCid> I love to see a well cared for Fox rip its front wheels off
    the ground when it leaves the front line
    [10:01] <PsychoCid> Where do you live, btw?
    [10:01] <Danzig> right now Im in MS
    [10:02] <PsychoCid> ah, well
    [10:02] <PsychoCid> As long as the person behind the wheel truly knows and cares for their car, it's always good
    [10:02] <PsychoCid> it just really is insulting to see a total lack of cylinders in a muscle car
    [10:02] <PsychoCid> heh
    [10:03] <PsychoCid> granted, at this day in age, the theory of a muscle car....throwing a big engine into a mid-sized quite dead
    [10:03] <PsychoCid> =)
    [10:03] <Danzig> you do realize "technically" the Mustang is a pony car
    [10:03] <PsychoCid> pony = muscle
    [10:03] <PsychoCid> derf derf
    [10:04] <Danzig> I'm not getting into this
    [10:04] <PsychoCid> well, it's the truth
    [10:05] <PsychoCid> When did you get this Mustang?
    [10:05] <PsychoCid> Had anything impressive before it?
    [10:07] <Danzig> I like this quote
    [10:07] <Danzig> "A pony car becomes a muscle car when it gets the top of the line performance treatment. The Camaro is a pony car, the Z28 and SS is a muscle car. The firebird is a pony car unless it gets a 400. The mustang is a pony car, the GT's, Bosses, and Mach 1's are muscle."
    [10:08] <PsychoCid> That's like saying bread becomes toast at a certain temperature and it ceases to be bread, anymore.
    [10:08] <PsychoCid> Pony is usually defined as 'muscle'
    [10:09] <PsychoCid> count the horses. the ponies. and with that, you need torque ;)
    [10:09] <PsychoCid> vroom.
    [10:10] <Danzig> Doing something different is what spurs me and running 12's with a 4 is more fun than running 12s in an 8.
    [10:11] <PsychoCid> I respect like a 240sx that goes down the road with a good engine swap and a solid turbo, but a Mustang with that setup is just funny, not in a good way
    [10:11] <PsychoCid> I'd rather pull a 12 second quarter mile on a real 8 cylinders, in a real car and not some little sports thing, than on a small engine where I'm letting a turbo do the real work
    [10:11] <PsychoCid> anyhow, this goes nowhere.
    [10:12] <Danzig> A win is a win.
    [10:12] <CF> definitely.
    [10:13] <PsychoCid> A win is a win, I never argued that point. It's just the different of whether you're laughed with or at. Some don't care. Whatever floats your boat. =)
    [10:13] <Danzig> Well next time you see a pinto on the highway think before you honk 3 off.
    [10:14] * PsychoCid honk
    [10:15] <PsychoCid> that would have been funnier if you owned a pinto-mustang instead of a fox-mustang
    [10:15] <PsychoCid> nah, I see the attraction, though
    [10:16] <PsychoCid> there's something fun about getting in the drivers seat of a little import that pulls out power from a little 4 cyl engine and getting 25+ mpg
    [10:16] <PsychoCid> while it may not have 300 lb-ft of torque, it's peppy, and fun.

    You may remember him from an earlier thread of mine. He was claiming to
    know someone who ran 2 second quarter mile times. John Force = teh lose.
  2. Chat logs aren't funny :(
  3. That is awesome and proves what I have always said some V-8 guys are ignorant I mean at exactly what point does a Mustang become a Muscle car? I thought it was when it started for the first time from the factory. I agree that the Mustang has different "levels" of engine performance but don't most cars, I think it is call "Trim"
  4. I was crying by the end.

    Just to clarify. You were the one talking crap about the 4cyl correct? :p
  5. Oh yeah.
  6. of course my car is not a muscle car! its a two door sports car with good gas milage and the rich mustang history that comes along with it. :spot:
  7. My car cant bench anything I have been ragging on her for a while about it and I think she is mad at me now. I think hurt her feelings. :(
  8. My car cant bench anything I have been ragging on her for a while about it and I think she is mad at me now. I think hurt her feelings. :(