More info on the 4.0 V6?

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  1. I would've thought that Tyler's press kit post about the 4.0 V6 would have sparked more discussion. So what do you guys know about this power plant in terms of durability and aftermarket? It's been around a while, so I'd expect someone knows something. How do you expect it to compare to the current 3.8? Seems like it could be a pretty nice setup with a 5 speed and some mild tweaks.
  2. Like I said in the other thread, there's practically no aftermarket for it right now. It's been around in Explorers since 97 and Rangers since 01 or so, but there is still a very limited aftermarket. I'm talking like "there are only two companies making air filters for it" limited. The compression ratio is a little under 10:1, meaning in stock form you won't be able to run much boost on it. Some people have tried, with varying degrees of success. The engine's got some potential, but nobody has to invest research dollars in it to this point.

    It's got decent power from the factory, and I remember seeing numbers a few years back that the SOHC Explorers were running faster than the 5.0 AWD Explorers in 0-60 runs. I think Motor Trend even got one 4.0L down to a high 8 second 0-60, which isn't bad for a peaky V6 in a 4000+ lb SUV with tall tires.
  3. Its just SAD. I was really hoping something far better would be put into a new hyped car.

    I guess MOTOR TREND was right with the article they printed last year(or year before?).
  4. The V6 is not meant for performance. It's meant to be adequate and only somewhat "sporty". It's not sad at all.
  5. I have a 1995 ranger with the 4.0 v6 in it right now and there are aftermarket parts for it kenne bell even makes a supercharger for it their add says make your 4.0 run like a 5.0 unless the motor is different than what I have in my truck.
  6. Point taken. The V6 Mustang's primary buyer & marketed audience is people who want the Mustang Look & feel but could give a rats about performance or mods. The main people modding V6 Mustangs just can't afford V8s.
  7. Don't hold your breath, the info on the other thread seemed to say that the 4.0 was just a stopgap until the Duratec 35 goes into production.

    The 4.0 most likely has a limited life. It is an odd ball engine with no other family members and Ford execs. have publicly stated that they intend to reduce the # of engine designs. So I'd expect the 4.0 to fade away after the Duratec 35 family is in full production.
  8. Aren't they a lot cheaper to insure?
  9. They are cheaper insurance wise as well.
  10. Isn't that just part of either not wanting to spent the extra $$ on a V8 or not being able to spend the extra $$ on a V8? :shrug:
  11. Let us not forget the EPA....

    Fuel economy is another big factor in the buying process these days. With fuel prices at all time highs and fluctuating on what seems to be a minute by minute basis, the frugal Mustang buyer will lean towards something that gets 2 to 5 MPG better. Then you have to factor in the age of the average V-6 buyer. They tend to be in their early 20's where insurance costs are still a major issue. Most people who are in their low to mid 20's do not have the income to support the larger payment, increased insurance, and excessive consumption of fuel that a V-8 brings to the table.

    My Father owns a 1994 Mazda (Ford) B4000 (Ranger) with the 4.0 in it. Even for a 10 year old engine with nearly 100,000 on the clock, that little truck gets up and moves pretty reasonably for having an auto tranny and 4X4. It is also an extended cab and has the subsequant extra weight of that to pack around. I was actually moderately impressed by the power it had. I was towing the Jet Ski behind it with a full bed and even up hill never noticed that either factors were there. The thing felt like it had no extra load at all.

    So if they end up putting this engine (plus a little HP) in the Mustang, I thinke it will make a great addition to the line and a perfect (if temporary) replacement for the long in the tooth 3.8. That engine should have been retired 10 minutes after it was developed (IMHO).
  12. That actually is very important, but in a different way.

    The 3.8, 3.9 or whatever will have to be retired someday as they won't meet future emissions regulations without major rework. Why would Ford want to dump more $$ into an engine that should have been put out of its misery in 1985?

    Same thing will affect the 4.0. It won't meet the future emissions requirements w/o some rework like VCT. Given the choice Ford will be better off increasing production of the Duratec 35 than reworking the 4.0. Keep in mind that Ford has already said that the Duratec 35 can go as large as 3.9L and sort of implied that it could grow to as much as 4.2L.
  13. a little off topic, but why is ford's 3.8L such a pos, but GM's 3.8L isnt dogged at all. Are they both completely different designs, or is the GM 3.8 just as old and primitive as the ford?
  14. the GM 3.8 is a better-engineered engine, from the ground up. it's known for it's great torque and pretty good gas mileage, all while being pretty refined. and the 6-cylinder models are and always have beem meant for volume sales. you can't bag on the model that pays ford's bills for redesigning the mustang, can you?
  15. yeah, like rocket boosters or some futuristic gizmos!!! :banana:
  16. No, I dont MIND the 4.0 being put in the V6, I was just sorry to hear the DURATEC wasnt put instead.

    I just dont understand WHY a 4.0 would be placed in the car TEMPORARILY, until the DURATEC is "finished", makes NO SENSE to me. The new wiring and tooling and assembly will cost a couple million to make the switch.

    I think the 4.0 will be put in the car and will STAY in the car.

    I forcast the 4.0 to product 225hp in the V6 Mustang.
  17. We're talking about two different 4.0s here guys. There is the 4.0 OHV, which is no longer in production, and the 4.0 SOHC. THe Stang is getting the SOHC. Rangers and Mazda Pickups prior to 01 had the OHV motor, and the SOHC was optional on Explorers starting in 97. There are currently few parts available, but like other have said, it'll be going away soon anyway.
  18. Sorry, but the Ford 3.8 is an almost exact copy of the GM 3.8
    read this:

    The designs of the Ford 3.8 and the GM 3.8 are so alike that the bore and stroke are nearly identical: The GM measures 3.80˝ x 3.40˝ and the Ford is 3.81˝ x 3.39˝.

    Except for the bad mouthing and misinformation that is spread about the Ford 3.8, the only thing that really was a problem with these engines was the poor head gasket design during '95-'97.

    Just trying to set the record straight....

  19. I agree. Everyone in the automotive industry laughs at both of these still being in production. GM gets more out of theirs by throwing superchargers on them... basically the same setup that Ford used to put on the old Thunderbird.
  20. Duratec engine is Ford premium V6 engine. They won't put in base mustang, as it is only in SEL top model of Taurus and in top model of Escape. Cheap OHC is way to go.