More info on the 4.0 V6?

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  1. According to the pictures of the article in Hot Rod Magazine, it's going to have 202hp and 235lb/ft of torque, with the base weight being a bit under 3300lbs. That should get it moving pretty nicely and lightly modded will be a close match for the earlier SN95 GTs.

    Looks like Ford really pulled out all the stops to make the '05 Mustang a shining example of high-tech American engineering and quality.
  2. Lol @ High-tech.
  3. Just something to add to this discussion, the 4.0 is not exactly Hi-Tech, the basis for this engine has been around for a long time. It orginally started as the 2.6L in the Ford Capri sold mostly in england, then it was brought over here as the 2.8L in the mustang II's. It was used as the 2.8 in the Ranger, then there was a redesign to it to the 2.9 used in the rangers and bronco II's. From there it was made into the 4.0L OHV used in the rangers and explorers. Then the last iteration would be the SOHC 4.0 that they are saying will be coming in the '05. While there have been lots of changes along the way, it is still based on an engine orginally built in the '70s. If they are going to put the duratec 35 in it eventually, it seems that it would have made sense to put the duratec 3.0 in it until it is ready. It seems there would be much less changes to make that switch, than going to a completely different engine. Just my thoughts.
  4. nice top see tey can make one for the 4.0 and not the 99/01 Cobras :rolleyes:

    damn kenne bell :mad:
  5. why dotn they just put in the 4.2 thats going into the freestar? its a minivan, and still gets 16/22 MPG, with 263 lb/ft and 200 horse.
  6. Oh yeah, put a V6 in it that gets worst gas mileage the the GT. People will really go for that. :rolleyes:

    But it would be great to see them put a V6 in there with that kind of tourqe.
  7. well im not up to dat with the mileage of new GT's and 6 bangers. 16 MPG is amazing fro me, i get 11 in my jeep. the best anyones ever gotten with my car is about 13 or 14 MPG, id kill for a car that gets 16 adn 22
  8. posm6s, that minivan weights over 4000lbs and that is reason for such gas mileage. Expect usual 19/28 for all Ford V6!
  9. I don't know what the big hurry is to get a Duratec powerplant in the new body style. The Duratec has no torque, and makes most of its power on the top end. If it performs much like my last car (1999 Cougar 2.5 Duratec) I cant see it being much of a performer in a heavier car, even with the extra .5 liters. Even the Taurus duratec 3.0 is nutless.
  10. My old 3.8 got worse gas mileage than the GT, even when driven like an old granny. Best I ever saw was 19mpg.
  11. It's getting the 3.5L duratec (supposedly), which isn't in production yet.

    The reason the 4.2 was not choosen is because that engine is going the way of the 5.0 very soon. That and the 3.9/3.8 (same motors, different crank) are the last pushrod motors Ford still uses. Once the new Duratec engines are ready, expect to see the 3.9 and 4.2 quietly pass away. There's not much reason to keep the ancient pushrod V6's around when Ford has some excellent OHC motors providing better fuel economy and power.

    You could argue that it makes as much sense to use the 4.2 as the 4.0 given the switch to the 3.5 eventually, but then we don't know for sure that the 3.5 is actually going to be used in the Mustang yet.

    As for the talk of the 4.0 motor being based on the old 2.6L in the Capri, I'm not sure where you're getting your info. Pushrod motors and OHC motors are quite different to design, and I somehow doubt these are the same.
  12. It still makes no sense putting in a completely different engine for a year. If it isnt ready then they werent ready to produce the car to begin with.

    Oh boy, I wonder how many recalls are waiting to happen.
  13. The GM 3.8 is known for its reliability more than anything else, motor trend (Among others) has showered it with accolades for years about that. Plus a version of it was what got the turbo on the grand nationals and i think the twin turbo firebird T/As, so it can be set up to haul ass too.
  14. 19!??!?!!? im jealous :(
  15. The motor not being ready and the car not being ready are two totally seperate things. The 3.5 Duratec is being developed for use in many different vehicles, including (I believe) Explorer, Freestar, and Ranger. The Mustang is fairly low-volume compared with the other vehicles. The engine wasn't being developed just for the Mustang, nor was the 4.6 3V being developd just for the Mustang (we'll be seeing it in the Crown Vic, the base F-150, and anywhere else the old 4.6 2V was). The V8 just happened to be ready in time that it could go into the Mustang.
  16. idk...ive driven both and the GM 3.8 did seem better-mannered to me, altho both lacked any kind of real character...
  17. That hurts. :( :nonono:

    Ford had better put some ass in the new V6 and V8 cause im tired of seeing 4 bangers that put out more power than the Mustang GTs.

    The above link is related to Ford's engine strategy, It is two years old, so things are likely farther along now.

    I had been recently speculating that Ford may not get rid of the 4.0L SOHC engine. Looks like I may be wrong according to this article, however the article states that the Ford execs have openly discussed any of this. It's probably speculation from industry sources.

    The 3.5L Duratec DOHC's are likely much more expensive and will have a harder time getting the same torque as a 4.0L engine (with less displacement). There'e a reason Ford doesn't put DOHC V-8 into their base truck engine (and hence their Mustang GT), it's too expensive. Variable valve timing is also not cheap. More costly engines with less torque do not make sense for their light truck market. The mustang V-6 will undoubtedly be a shared engine with the light duty trucks.

    I wouldn't mind the 2005 Mustang w/4.0L V-6. In Various states of tune, this engine can put out ~200-255hp and 230-260 ft-lb depending on the application and model. I like hp, but I wouldn't pay an extra $5k for an extra 80hp and 75ft-lb of torque. For $1500, I can wittle this down to 50hp and 50ft-lb torque (CATBAKS, chip, throttle body, and an CAI). Besides, it's not such a tiny engine being a 4 Liter, when the GT is only 4.6 (perception wise anyway).

  19. lol dont take it personally...most engines these days lack character
  20. Hi. I would like to comment on the various V6s and also care to speculate a little. First off the 3.8 was a piece of S*@T to begin with when it came out in the early 80s (the first time I saw the write up I wanted to kill the guy who designed it) at the time Busch Grand National Nascar cars used that size motor and we needed to compete with the far superior Buick V6 3.8 Ford ended up designing a race only V6 in order to compete. Sad isn't it.The much older Buick 3.8 V6 is worlds better. And I'm a Ford fan. The 4.0L SOHC motor is excellant but I would think it will have a short future. No it will not be replaced with the high end Duratec DOHC motor. But I would think that a future motor based on the 4.6L or 5.4 3v V8 . New block 60 degree even fire motor. The current 4.0 does not sit well as a motor that will last for long (no shared components with other Ford engines and such) expect it to be replaced with SOHC V6s based on the modular V8 A new 3.45 liter V6 based on the GT motor would produce 225hp @ 6000rpm and 235ft/lbs @ 4500rpm This would be a very good motor for the Ranger Pickup and could share components with a larger 4 liter variant for the F150 the truck motor would likely put out the same Horsepower only at a reduced rpm say 225hp @ 5000rpm and 275ft/lbs @ 3750 rpms Or we could get lucky and get the 4 liter only but still in truck tune. Now that would be sweet. Because this motor would be easily modified to reach 260hp @ 6000rpm and 275ft/lbs @ 4500rpm with cams and a true dual exhaust. Well lets hope Ford heres this because its right up the bean counters alley. And the Mustang crowd could easily get behind it. And technology used on the GT motor will have a (hate to say it)trickle down effect and could be used to spruce up the V6. Well lets hope thats where were headed anyway.