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  1. those rotors look weird
  2. nice photos. I like everything except the wheels.
    the fog is clearing, and it's starting to look nice.
  3. Looks damn good. I see this car as competition for the G35 and 350Z. Can't wait for the first blowers and dyno results.:banana:
  4. I don't know, upon closer inspection, they need to ditch those fog lamps. Looks like two big cubic zarconias.bling bling :shrug:
  5. anyone notice the size of that door speaker ? damn.
  6. whoa, check out the short looking shfter

  7. i agree, they are actually BIG
  8. not muscular enough for me, they obviously went for mid aged buyers :(
  9. I LOVE it, geez, I didn't think I wanted one, now I do. Time to start saving money. Goodbye college :p
  10. Looks great--thanks for posting those. I think those rear side windows are crying out for some kind of treatment. And I think the vert version is gonna look killer, too.
  11. Not muscular enough?!?! IMO the new stang is much more muscular looking than the current car.

  12. I like the new one but it’s not what I specked. For one the front end doesn’t have the concept finish and second no scoops. 2nd the rear end they have the Japanese rear end type. The interior looks cool, I like the car a lot but it doesn’t call me that much as the concept did. I really wished that they didn’t show the concept, so I could love this one more.
    Another thing Dan05GTOwner I have to agree with oogtdude, this one is not that muscular: compare a GT with a GT the cobra had the scoop facing to the back (I don’t know why) I you want aggressive you need scoops. Facing to the front that is, with the exception of the 03 Cobra.
    Can any one post the pics of all the mustangs and it evolution?
  13. And that's just comparing the gt to a cobra. Not cobra vs Cobra. The next cobra should be even more agressive. But remember you can't please everyone. Especially the younnger ones
  14. So we need scoops for a car to look agressive? Can I ask what a japanese rearend type is?
  15. Have you seen the Hondas exhausts? The bumper is just like it? It just looks weird. I think the scoops gives more attitude to the car.
    Don’t get me wrong I like the 05, but they could have done a little better I think.
  16. Yes I have seen honda exhausts. And I believe the exhaust was moved to that position for safety reasons. Like moving the gas tank further up on the car. Which while you may not agree. Is definately a good thing.
  17. Point taken but like you said “you can’t please everyone. Especially the younger ones” (that’s me) I don’t know. I just hope that the Cobra, Roush, and others that come out could also focus on esthetics and uniqueness of the mustang.
    I’m 21 and I just want to buy a nice special mustang (cobra) and hold on to it like people in the 60s and 70s with their mustangs that now turn heads on the streets.
  18. I like this car a little more every time I see it...
  19. damn i like it less than the when i saw the previous pictures... and ford SHOULD be targeting the younger audience... being that, thats who they ALWAYS have targeted?