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    Thank God. Back to basics!! Things started to fat in the 70's & now the're starting to just get phat! I agree with a lot of you (Powershots, Oggdude, Blue_Cabo) That the styling is going wrong allready! Companys make great concepts then don't make them (except for the Audi TT) The're are a couple of schools of styling -muscle or curves. For curves check out the Alfa Romeo Brera. The concept of this Mus(cle)tang looks absolutely bloody fantastic. Why change it for the production car - It looks as if has been given a couple of black eyes & smacked round the ears by not painting the headlights & wing mirrors (Not very musclebound). The front indicators & fogs need to go back to two round semicircles under the headlights as in the Shelby GT 350. there is something dodgy about that b pillar and window. The rear overhang has been increased which throws everything out of proportion & the rear spoiler is now what the name suggests. The overhang is going to hurt us on the British bendy roads especially when our speed limit is legally 70mph (cough cough). On the Isle of Man they have no speed limit & loads of twisty stuff.- It's the place where one of our TV motoring programs (BBC, Top Gear) takes its cars to test out the likes of Porsche, BMW M3 & CSL & TVR. Get the wheels in the corners! Admitedly Europe are probably not a huge marketplace but come on Ford USA get it right for everybody. You have sent us the Crysler Neon & PT cruiser & now the crossfire. If that's all you have to offer I'll stick to the MG ZT260 using the ford 4.6L V8. GIVE US THE CONCEPT!! The rear lights have also been shortend horizontally which visually makes the car look taller rather than lower & sleeker. Finally my congratulations to the concept designer or team. You have done a fantastic job!! Have a word with your bossess though. Get them to make what you design. Please don't tease us.

    So what do you all think?!
  2. The rear overhang is pretty close to the concept. The production car needs real world bumpers.


  3. AWWWWW CRAP, that last pic makes me want one now. It looks SOOOO good lowered. Great now I realy don't know what car I want next...03-04 Cobra or wait for these to come out....thanks a lot:fuss:
  4. First I must apologize for daimler/chrysler sending you the neon. That was just plain mean. :rlaugh:
    As has been pointed out before the concept was a 2 seater. It would not have been very smart marketing wise to change the mustang to a 2 seater instead of the 4 it has always been. This is why the overall look is not the same as the concept. Look at the seat in the silver concept then the seat in the production. You get more headroom. Which for a guy like me who is fairly tll is a good thing. As for the headlight area not being body colored. check the concept even the silver concept was not painted body color. I agree the B pillar looks too big and the window to small. And Ford has included a spoiler delete option for that ugly thing. As for the lights. I don't know if the concept had a trunk. Which would mean the taillights didn't have to be shaped for a trunk opening. Unless you are particularly fond of lifting things even higher to get them in the trunk. While I think the concept was very cool. I do think that Ford has given us about 90% of it. The rest was lost due to real world issues.
  5. It doesn't look very aggressive in those pics but I chopped some different wheels on it and lowered it.

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  6. another

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  7. That looks awesome!!! :hail2: :hail2: Can you do one like that but minus the spoiler?
  8. Yeah, I think the main issue is the front, which would totally change my opinion. In this pic im looking at:

    the headlights, grille, hood and everything just flow together. I like how the headlight beams angle in to form the front. The front bumper cover with the rounded lights compliments that even more.

    For the production design, it looks like a child redesigned the front, chopping it off completely, replacing the grille with a black rectangle, replacing the lights with squares, and so on. It looks so choppy and doesn't seem to fit with the whole car. It really kind of looks like a truck front.

    Judging from the way the 1999-2004 changed overtime, there'll probably be new bumper covers and stuff, but I think we're stuck with the primary rectangle, circle, square front. Hopefully not...
  9. I agree, the front of the concept looks a bit better--especially the shape of the grill and the way it extends under the bumper. Remember, though, that the first photo is taken from a better vantage point.



    one more...


  10. Here you go, no wing :D

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  11. You are correct. The median age for a new Mustang GT purchaser is close to 50 years old.

    20 year olds love to buy a used Mustang from these old guys as they usually haven't been abused.

    No don't you guys steal this from me, because I am going to get rich selling foglight delete kits and lowering kits for the 2005 GTs. Look much better w/o the fogs.
  12. That's exactly why I find it odd that the younger crowd is saying. It's a bad thing to target the people buying the cars. I'm not saying that younger buyers aren't out there. But they are not as large as the older buyers. I'm not in the median age and the car appeals to me. So I don't think that it appeals only to the older crowd either.
  13. Woo!! I'm liking it BETTER than the concept. A little more rounded, less square.
    Likes: No fake scoops, stance (slight rake from front to rear), lower front facia better than the concept
    Dislikes: Grille fogs, hood height over wheel area looks higher than the cowl area (one thing that looks better on the concept), Dash hasn't grown on me yet.

    I could beging to see myself getting one of these!
  14. While I can understand some of the criticism of the looks I truly wonder if I'm the only person that views cars to be more of a canvas to be tweaked on than a finished product. I mean I equate the old body style and this body style to a sheet of college rule paper and an expensive canvas. Yes you can do up a masterful drawing on the college rule paper but it won't be as good as it would be on a superior starting medium like the 05 Stang.
  15. It's definately a canvas to be finiashed. You only have to look at vyto's photoshops or burningman's. To show that.
  16. I actually like it better than the concept, but it definitely looks best w/o fog lamps and lowered :nice:
  17. Seeing the side by side comparisons between the concept and the 05. I would expect the Cobra or Shelby to carry over the theme with the concept tailights too.
  18. I like the concepts fog lights in the front fascia. Just remember, the V6 doesn't have the fogs in the grill. I'm just going to get a V6 grill at the local ford dealer and wait for someone to make an aftermarket fascia for it. I actually wonder how many people will keep that ugle as* rear spoiler.
  19. Here are my versions. Both are lowered, relocated fogs, and one has smoked wheels the other doesn't. I would have added different wheels, but didn't bother looking for any from that angle. :p
  20. Speechless. :drool: :flag: