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  1. Can you make one with some Bullitt and one with some Cobra rims???

  2. The Concept is a very nice eye candy.
    I know that they need to seat 4 (who seats 4 anyway? nut ok.) Ok make the car longer or take some space from the trunk, but why change the front of the car people don’t seat there.

    Changes made.....

    From the side: Top Images
    --Rims can be changed an will be change like always.
    --The Hood is taller from the concept.
    --the door looks much better.
    --Scoops, windows and on the body (What happen?) it looks so cool to have some lines on the car; it gives more shades on the car.

    From the front: Bottom Images
    --The grill, it looks to square on the production.
    --No scoops.
    --the hood is to round and plane.
    --the lights, something is wrong.
    --Emergency lights (round looks good)
    --back to the grill, it looks to tall or big and I think it makes the head lights look big also.

    From the Back: No coments, just tail lights.

    I know they have to make it cheaper but why so different. Like I said before I like it, but I wish I haven’t seen the concept and have false hopes on it.
    Ford: I love mustangs but next time if you are not going to build the concept, don’t show us such a nice car.


  3. Maybe they didn't put the scoops on cause they are saving them for something. :D Now let's see, what type Mustang had upper and lower side scoops added onto it???? :D :nice:

  4. Good point but How many mustang owners have $40k $50k + for a shelby?
    I Hope the shelby is looks or is much better then the concept car. I would love to have a shelby.
    I'm just saying you dont show something that nice and then change it or bring it to many levels down.
    I wish I haven’t seen the concept.
  5. They should stick closer to the concept.

    The accent line that goes vertical in front of the rear wheel well doesn’t look right. Neither does the rear side window.

  6. Well, back int he 60's a basic Mustang was a little over 2k, and the Shelbys were a little over 4k. The basic 05 with be in the low 20k range, so if the Shelby is in the low 40K range, then I would assume that there would be about the same amount or more sold then back int he 60's. Now, I am not sure how much 4k was really worth back then, so I may be wrong here.


  7. Here's one with bullitt wheels
  8. 03 cobra wheels
  9. There are lots of reasons why the concept had to have some changes. For example I believe it is a law that turn signal/marker lights have to be visible from the side. The concepts are almost hidden from the side.

    As for being being disappointed with them showing the concept then changing it. Show me 1 mustang concept that has made it directly into production. Most manufacturers don't put concepts into production without major changes. I can't think of very many
  10. I was definitely expecting changes, as certain things weren't practical like the hidden door handles of the concept. But, I just don't get the drastic cosmetic change of the front. Usually, changes made from the concept are making it practical as well as listening to opinions I thought. And I doubt people complained that they wanted 4 eyes, a spolier, and a truck front.

    I think this was the 1999 Mustang concept:

    The changes made to the production model really didn't stray too far from the 99' concept.
  11. Dear Ford Motor Co. and Team Mustang:

  12. That was the fr500 car. It was not the 99 concept.
  13. Do you know where I could see the 99' concept?
  14. The look does wear on ya, and if you think about it, ford took a "throw all the old styles in the pot" approach (i.e. best in breed in corporate terms). Makes sense w/the global platforms... What I'm looking forward to is the better ergonomics, the interior, handling, and engine power. Looks good slammed, though all stangs usually look good slammed. Bad side is I can't wait for the 1st APC fart-can mufflers to come out since they are in the back!!!

    But if you think about it, the body style hasn't changed too much:
    (blurred a lot for my inability to spend time photo-chopping... :D ):
    Basically, I think it's close to a 03/04 cobra in body w/the front and back chopped off and made retro. Revolutionary in design? nah, the concept was so much better and more thought out.
  15. I don't know if there even was a 99 concept. I don't remember ever seeing one.
  16. I LOVE IT! My favorite thing IS the front end. I say CHANGE NOTHING! It's perfect! And now that I look back at the concepts front end I think its kinda ugly compared to the production model.
  17. Yeah, I didn't remember a 99' concept either. Maybe they should have used that approach this time too to avoid the critiquing by everyone.

    SN95: Yeah, a couple of my friends said that it kind of looked like the current car with a different front. But, I guess the new models of cars we're getting today usually are a tweaked front and back from the previous version.
  18. I don't know. I like the concept cars. It gives me an idea of what the real car style will be like. Not neccessarily the whole car. But the style of the car. I think people should understand that concepts are just that. They are not a promise from Ford to build it just like that. People's expectations let them down more than ford did.
  19. 05 needs facelift

    Just so you know my history I am a 31 yr old with a 66 Shelby clone. I like the new 4.8L and was readily awaiting the 05 model. When I saw the concept I literally sh1t my pants. I felt that Ford was finally offering what older and younger buyer were looking for: a truly jaw dropping Mustang. After seeing the actual car I must say that I am disappointed in some of the choices made. For one, does anybody at Ford not get the fact that the car needs to be lowered close to the wheel base ie: the concept Mustang. The actual 05 looks like it is ready to go 4x4 ing. I think the concept has, I hate to say it but a Corvette/Audi TT fenderwell look that give the car a truly great stance. I also think the lines on the side of the door on the concept look much more bold and aggressive than the rounded on the actual 05. I must admit that the guages and interior blew me away on the actual car. Nice job Ford. But they really need to stay with the bolder exterior look of the concept for my taste.
  20. Yes the mustang has the 4x4 look. But would you really want the bling bling factor of the 20's that were on the concept? I think they were way too large.