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  1. SVT: I like concepts too, but I just don't know if creating a concept for a legend like Mustang was such a great idea. The 2005 GT concept drew so much attention at the NAIAS, and so many uninformed people saw it on the news and etc. As a result, I had people telling me, "yeah that new 2005 GT is going to kill your car (99' GT) with 400HP." It was just so stupid to think that the new GT standard would increase 140HP, but people will think that and be dissappointed at the 300HP.

    As for me, I knew mirrors, door handles, tail lights, headlights, rear window, the glass top, 2 seat config, the engine, interior, etc. would change. But, I wasn't expecting the front to turn out the way it did. And apparently editors from a magazine posted on here thought so also, saying it lost the edge of the concept. Oh well....some will like it, some won't. I'll definitely be checking this out in person at the NAIAS soon though to see if my opinion changes.

    I just ran into this article too:

    If the concept was 95% real, I must be missing something.
  2. But they did the 1993 mach 3 concept.
    Uninformed people will always be disappointed. People just needed to be realistic. And thinking the gt ould get 400hp was unrealistic. Thinking the styling was going to stay the same was just as unrealistic. Ford stated the production model would look similar. They never once stated it would be the same.
  3. Thinking the styling would be very similar is not unrealistic and definitely not on the same level as thinking the engine would be 400HP. A 400HP engine would put this in a different price class. The plastic and metal of the body could have been molded/stamped to produce the concept with little cost difference. And if Ford did say the concept was 95% real, then that would have meant the styling was nearly identical.
  4. I don't think anyone ever said the styling would be identical. To me the styling is 85%. Especially when you consider what had to be one to get that styling ito real production. People don't seem to realize that a lot of things had to change. Look at the concept headroom wasn't an issue. It was stated several times that the concept had a lower roof. And was shorter. The concept did not need to be driven so the huge blind spot that the side roof scoop made. Was not realistic. As for the bulge in the hood. I think that came when the new 3 valve was put in there. The trunk on the concept didn't need to open. So the taillights could go as far across as the wanted them to. Do you see where I'm coming from?
  5. Ford might add a blown hood scoop and blown side scoops in 2006, 2007 or 2008 on the Mustang GT. I can't wait until they do this. The blown scoops will make the car look meaner and nicer like the 2001-2004 Mustang GT's.
  6. I'm sure the aftermarket will take care of that long before for does
  7. To be honest with all of you for me HP is not that important. Why? Because how many of you are going to actually use all the HP 300 or 400 make it 600 if you want. For me what is important is that it has class and attitude and unfortunately the 05 concept mustang has more of that than the production. I know that its to expensive but why change all the goodies of the car, some of you say that its very similar to the concept then how much more money would it cost to put those lines and refine it like the concept.
    This was a great time for Ford to put something and finish with the pony competition.
    I have to say I love the interior of the production mustang, now that part I knew they had to change it because it would be very expensive to have I on the car, but the exterior? Ok.
    One last thing and this is for Ford. If I where you guys I would build the concept car, change some things, put a different name and sell it and compete with the Corvette and Viper; because it’s a nice car, 2 sitter, 400hp with potential, looks grate coupe or convertible and price it as you want, people would pay. I know I would. Just an Idea.
    I’m waiting for the Cobra and special edition mustangs.

  8. Too true Mr Blue, but Ford USA must be able to learn some lessons from their european design houses (& competitors). Even with real world bumpers the rear overhang should be able to be shortened. In Europe it is going to be in competition with 4 seaters such as Audi A4 / S4, BMW 330 / M3, Jaguars S, MG ZT 260 or 385.
    (The MG using the same powerplant but with suspensioned tuned for british roads). The BMW's are known as the drivers cars in our ad campaigns While the audi's are more subtle but have more poise but are less good on the twisty stuff even with quattro. The MG's are chasing up quick! Lets get this Mustang to eminate the mid 60's to become a true world car rather than an interesting mustang that stays in the states. Things are looking promising as Ford have announced that they are importing the new GT40 to the uk so lets hope they do the same with the mustang. Thought you might be interested to see what the ford 4.6 v8 goes into over here.

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  9. SVT: You've been misunderstanding what I've been saying. No one said the concept would be identical to the production styling, and I imagine anyone familiar with cars wouldn't think this. I stated earlier that the concept had to be adapted for the real world.

    But, in that article above, it claimed a Ford engineer said the concept was 95% real, and that the obvious things like 2 seat, glass roof, seat belts, etc. would comprise that 5%. Mathematically, this statement meant the concept was virtually the production model.

    So all I'm saying is that the concept was presented in a misleading way, as the production model is maybe 65% of the concept. That's why there is controversy.

    Furthemore, many aspects of the concept were changed for no apparent reason. Why did defined lines become curvy? Why did the grill and font bumper turn into rectangles and squares from the classy, flowing concept styling. It's not about price, as they're simple molds/stamps. Why were the headlights blackened around the circles, creating yet more boxes? Whose idea was it to make 4 big lights and a spoiler standard on the GT?

    That's all I'm saying. The styling definitely took a different direction, and I wish I could speak with the design team as to why. I'm completely confident that the production model could have been much closer to the concept, without much added cost, and still be fully adapted for the real world. There are common things people don't like...the car should have pleased the masses and the aftermarket should have pleased the minorities.

    Finally, I'm not saying the new Mustang is ugly. It just looks like another Ford Mustang,and not this promised revolutionary Stang from the future.
  10. Whoa wait a sec how is a car that was intentionally made to have a ton of retro cues supposed to be stylewise this amazing Mustang from the future? I don't think Ford ever claimed that or intended that considering the styling of the concept. The true advancements of the Stang are the interior the power and likely the handling. The exterior was pure retro styling like the Thunderbird from the start.

    Personally I didn't like the concept that much. The front was queered I didn't appreciate the 20 inch tires the horrific interior or the lack of rear quarter mirrors. About the only thing on the concepts that I loved was the rear and I understand that they couldn't keep those tails now.
  11. The present Mustang has been averaging sales around 140,000 units / year.

    Please tell us of another 2 door sporty car that sells in those sort of #'s.

    The 2005 Mustang will probably sell 200,000 units, that is if Ford can build enough of them. Every other manufacturer on planet Earth would kill to have a car in this segment that sells in the #'s the Mustang does.

    Ford is wise to build the Mustang in the image of an American muscle car. If Ford was building a BMW or Audi, or a "whatever Euro-clone", why would anyone buy it? Wouldn't someone who wanted that kind of car just buy the Audi or BMW in the first place?
  12. Hated it at first. Still don't like those rims but that can be changed.

    Now I want one and it depresses me that I can't go in to my local Ford dealer to order one. Need to start saving because this car is now on my wish list.
  13. The key: Rental fleet sales ;)

    It will be interesting if Ford positions these 05's in the rental fleets, the current V6 actually blends in well as a rental. Can't imagine a whole bunch of "retro" V6s running around town.

    The tuner cars are going to rock, but forget about repairing them ;)

    Those cup holders are WORTHLESS, notice how CLOSE they are to the shifter.

    You cant REST your hand on the center consol and shift if there is a cup there.
  15. I dont know, my Honda Accord(97) has turn signals IN the bumper, and it is kind of hard to see from the SIDE.
  16. By Mustang from the future, I wasn't speaking literally of styling cues. I meant this is the famed first complete redesign in 25 years, and it kind of looks like a variation of the current model. Or in other words, the design doesn't take a great leap forward like the concept did.
  17. Thanks!! Good job, I'll take one! :nice: :hail2:
  18. It is however a completely new chassis. As for the concept argument. It's been argued before. No sense in wasting any more energy retyping things already posted.
  19. Ok lemme see...

    New chassis. Check.
    New engine. Check.
    Upgraded interior. Check.
    noticable exterior styling changes. Check.
    Sorry but this car looks more like the concept than the current new edge SN95.
  20. Again, that quote is taken out of context. This whole thread has been about cosmetics of the car, and that's what I was talking about. When I said "By Mustang from the future, I wasn't literally speaking of styling cues" I meant that this Mustang wasn't supposed to look futuristic, it was supposed to look retro futuristic. It's probably getting confusing to read now, but I'm sure someone understands what I'm saying.

    The car was meant to look retro and modern to appeal to a large audience. The feeling I get is retro, but just a variation of a current Mustang or car.

    Yes, hyping the first new mustang in 25 years was about much more such as new chassis, and etc., so maybe that was a bad statement for me to make altogether, but I was only speaking of styling.

    Anyways, I'm sure some people feel this new Mustang is jaw-dropping perfection, retro, yet very modern as promised. However, I don't, and that's my opinion.