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  1. What, retro futuristic as in the beetle is retro futuristic of the 1947 version?
  2. What I like is all of those pontiac GTO'ers would kill to have their production car look as good as the '05 stang. :D
  3. Geez guys,give it a chance will ya. I'm sure that there will be plenty of versions of the new mustang to fit a variety of tastes, and the aftermarket is going to have an absolute field day with these things.Think of all the possibilities and i'm sure that Ford,Roush,Salleen,and Shelby are thinking of them also and then some.Not to mention that there are still going to be improvements and minor changes on the model over the next several years too. They're not just going to give it to us all right now. Look how much the fox changed since 1979. Just wait,I bet these things are going to be the most significant hotrod out there in a few years. :hail2: :D :D :flag: Happy New Year fellaz (and ladies)

  4. precisely
  5. Dfrost, yes....great comparison.

    Agreed about the GTO. IT looks like.....every other Pontiac car sold today.