more new stangs?

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  1. I'm hearing down at the Ford dealer about a GT350 and a Boss 302 in 2008.5. The Boss will have a 340 hp 5.0L with all the stripes and the GT350 will have a 320hp 4.6L. I would love to see both cars. Has anyone heard this news?
  2. I don't normally trust what a dealer says, but here's what we know.

    Latest rumor - The GT350H will debut at the NYC auto show.
    Black with gold stripes, 320 HP 3V, only 200 to be built and sold only to Hertz.

    Boss 302 - No credible information other than an offhand comment by HTT that he'd like to see a Boss with a 5.0L engine and some rumors that Roush is working on both Boss & Mach 1 prototypes.
  3. I'm hoping they make one with a N/A version of the 5.4L making around 380hp. 320hp and 340hp is nice, but I want to actually be able to beat 5+ year old Camaro's and T/As without voiding my warranty. :D

    I wish Ford would make an announcement soon about other models, with people hearing about SVT being canceled they are thinking all Ford's performance cars are canceled and will start to look elsewhere. The faster Ford gets some info out the better off they are.
  4. svt future?

    I have heard some people say they think that the svt dept. at ford will be shut down if oil prices and the condition of the company keeps going sour like it has in the last year or so. That includes cancelling the Shelby. It seems that every time oil prices go up those rumors reappear. I hope that's all it is just a rumor. I also heard GM is putting the new camero on the back burner until something gets stable at GMC. There is Nothing stable right now at GM ! later
  5. Not going to happen. SVT may go, but the Shelby won't. There would still be specialty Mustangs without SVT. Hell, the 01 Bullitt and 03-04 Mach 1 and Mercury Marauders never had SVT badges.
  6. Please don't take this the wrong way, but big whoop. 340hp is pathetic in N/A form when compared to the Dodge SRT8 series of cars.

    These cars aren't getting any lighter either, so they need the extra hp just to move the extra girth.
  7. So I take it you haven't read the front page of this website for a while.