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Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 226embarcadero, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. OK, my last pics were of my filthy Mustang. Lots of salt and dirt.

    Here are some better ones with better angles.

  2. Posted comment in "Post Your Pics" thread.
  3. Better angles to highlight the dirt..

    Uh oh, badge hatred will soon commeth...
  4. Good thing the car isn't filthy in these pics. :lol:
  5. Wash it with soap then dry it..after that post some pics again and I'd have to say nice ride!:nice: ....I'd go a different route with the tail lights and headlights...I associate those kind of lights with a mitsubishi or honda not a stang but hey whatever floats your boat, nice work.
  6. Oct-18.jpg

    Here's a picture of my car too.. when it's dirty.. :rolleyes:

    Unlike Jeeps or lifted trucks, Mustangs do not look good when they are dirty.. I know I would like to see your car, when it's clean...

  7. whats with the dirt crater on the car?lol
  8. lol...looks like you threw a water balloon on a dirty car then let it dry.
  9. oh boy, going all out. A Boss Cobra? I have to say it....Wash it!
  10. holy badged up sixer Batman! Cobra, Boss and a hint of Saleen wow!
    .....................and 65, holy drywall dust you been busy bud
  11. Haha! :rlaugh:

    It's from back in October when all of So Cal was on fire.. It's mostly ash..

    The crater of dust is from the air chuck.. i guess i got bored.. :shrug:
  12. I love comments like yours.
  13. It has been really difficult to keep the car clean because I don't like in a warm weather climate 365 days a year. I live where it snows repeatedly in the wintertime.

    The purpose of the pics is to show various other angles that my other post did not.
  14. I see the other two, but I don't see any Saleen on my car. Where do you?

    PS- yes I admit I am boasting a bit much for a sixer... but hey, most people can't tell the difference so why not?
  15. Thank you for the note.

    I too typically associate aftermarket lights with Euro vehicles but IMO I think my tail lights are the best for the S197 I have ever seen. Yes, better than the stock ones too.

    But I also consider the look to be similar to Eleanor-type Mustangs. I saved my stock headlights so I can always switch back if I get tired of the look.
  16. Because it's just WRONG
  17. What's wrong?
  18. Boasting this much for a sixer, that's what's wrong. I have issues with all the stripe kits out there on sixers (they are called racing stripes, not family car stuck in a mustang body stripes) but come on really, cobra emblems, Boss stripes, euro lights, i guess i'll just :Zip2:
  19. Wait a second...

    "Boasting this much for a sixer?"

    Are you really suggesting that because I have a V6 I am restricted in the amount I can dress it up and how much I can talk about it?

    Family car?

    Please tell me I misread your post because there is no way you can be this stupid.
  20. Man, don't even sweat it. It's your car, do anything you please. There will always be criticism on your ride and others on here as well. I think your car looks sweet:nice: The only thing I would change though, are the lights.
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