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  1. Thanks for proving my point.
  2. If u are going to post a picture of your car then be prepared for criticism. Here is my opinion. I love the "Mustang" and "Ford" lettering, looks great on this body style as does the grill and hood pins. Now the badging. I personally am not into putting badges on a car to make it look like something it is not wether it is putting GT bagdes on a V6 or Cobra badges on a GT or whatever it's just not my thing. In fact I have removed the badges from most of my cars. But it is not my car, it's yours, and you have to be happy with it and if adding badges is you thing then more power to you. However. having said that, let me be as diplomatic as possible here, in my opinion you should have picked one theme and stuck with it.Putting BOSS, Shelby Cobra, SVT Cobra , and Saleen badging on the same vehicle is... well quite frankly's Rice. And it gives the impression that you eithier you know very little about cars or you got suckered into buying a Special Limited Edition Shelby BOSS SVT Saleen Mustang that you local Ford dealership "created" by badging up a car so he can increase his profit.
  3. I think I agree with you somewhat... and the good thing is I can always remove some of the badging.

    I do, however, think that most people won't know enough about Mustangs to know that there is a mix of themes. I think only Mustang freaks like us could tell.

    Bottom line, I did wonder when I put the snakes on the fender whether I was going a bit too far with mixing styles.

    Perhaps because of so much criticism, I will now remove them.
  4. Okay, it's obvious that I'm a little to blunt with my comments. Should I comment any more on your requests for opinions, I'll tread lightly as to not hurt your feelings. Better yet, I'll just keep my opinionated self out of it. My bad.
  5. OK...

    Perhaps I should rephrase my opinion:

    I love your car. I do! But....if it were ME...

    I would remove ALL the extra stuff you've put on it (everything)....wash it (mine hasn't been washed in about 2 months, Michigan winter), and take out all the stuck-on gadgets (or hide them) in the interior.

    Then, and only then, would I like your car. In fact, I APPLAUD YOU.....for getting a 5-speed trans.

    My Mustang is the 8th car I've owned. ALL of my cars have been manual trans cars. I've never owned an automatic. I refuse to buy a performance-oriented car and have a computer shift my gears....that's takes 80% of the fun away if you ask me.

    Some people can tastefully alter the appearance of a car, others.....well, let's just say that more....always....unless you have naked chix surrounding your car at a car show.
  6. Stop right there!!!!! Take them off only if YOU'RE not happy with them, not anybody elses opinions that doesn't really amount to a hill of beans! I for one don't like the mix-match you have going on, but I respect/support your choice of doing to your car what you want!
  7. You're fine bud. I just need to be a little thicker-skinned.
  8. You mean you would remove everything... including the stripes? Or just the lights and badges?

    I think I will remove the snake emblems because I agree that that it probably a bit much.

  9. tough crowd .......... :eek:
  10. I like the alloy and stripes. All you need to do is put some dual exhaust on her. :)
  11. I'm sorry bro, but there is nothing tasteful about that car..... I don't see how some of you think it's sweet. There's no way you posted those pics not expecting to field tons crap.

    and as far as no one knowing, i doubt that. My lady would spot that from a mile away:shrug: as would anyone else that would really be checking it out in the first place.....that is unless your trying to impress some ignorant soccer moms
  12. Man... don't change a thing. No matter what you do, it will not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're happy, that's all that matters.

    Don't let a bunch of internet trolls change your mind.
  13. Here ya go...

  14. Hmm.

    Thanks for the note, but I disagree. Most people don't know which themes of Mustangs mix and which are separate. I don't legitimitely see how you can really think that most of the population can ID different stang types and which ones clash. Come on.

    Anyway, that's really a sidebar. I didn't do it because "no one would notice." So there's no point in even having the debate I guess.

    I respect your opinion. Thanks again.
  15. Wow.

    Now that's interesting.
  16. I just noticed that kind of looks like the Batmobile! Look at the chin spoiler.
  17. That is definitely something I hope to do someday. I hear, though, doing a true dual can be a bit pricey.

    There are so many exhaust systems out there.... I really wouldn't know where to start, or which ones are better.
  18. ALL RIGHT! WHO THE *&%# STOLE MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
    My buddy got a few pics of that car out at the SEMA show last fall. There are only two things I like about that car...1-the flat black paint is pretty cool 2-IT'S NOT MINE!!!!!!
  19. That bat thing is a lil to much. :shrug: Interesting tho.
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