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  1. Dude Everyone knows that a BOSS and Cobra are different styled Mustangs. Now im not going to bad mouth your decision or input my opinion which a think a lot of people already know but. Mixing the Theme was a mistake, sticking to one you could have been passable but those 2 are the most famous and will be called out at every turn.

    Dressing up a Stang is yes for your liking and screw everyone else but YOU know better and know that people who also know cars are going to call you out on it. It dont need to be a Mustang person it can be a Chebby Guy that points it out or even worse a ricer that knows stangs.

    If your happy with it so be it, me Id lose at least one theme there and stick to a solo BOSS or Cobra look.
  2. If you think this thread is harsh about the badging on your Mustang, try taking it to a Mustang car show. You'd get laughed right out of the lot. You obviously have no respect or knowledge for the history of the car.
  3. cobra badge on a V6 is how you get youtube video of a Civic beating up a Cobra. lol
  4. Poor V6 Mustang...those are some big britches to fill...
  5. Sorry but Cobra+Saleen+Boss+V-6+=getting flamed....

    If you post pics of ur car on a Mustang forum, and ask for opinions, expect to get heavy critisism(sp?)...To each his own..But please dont come on a forum and ask for opinions, then **** when you dont get the reply's you were hoping for...

    Oh, try out, and see what the guys there think of it, you will probably get some better responses..They are not as harsh over there:nice: :D cough*cough
  6. This is also being respectful but if you put a shelby cobra front bumper on a Gt or V6 car and its not a shelby thats also posing? But hey this is why everyone customizes their own car to their likes and dislikes. The way I look at it is if you blow the doors off a shelby and have that badge on there you earn the right to have it. And its complementing the shelby as defeat lol.
  7. Well said sir.
  8. When was the last time you blew the doors off a Shelby to justify those Cobra emblems on your 6'er?
  9. I don't think your exactly posing by adding a roush bumper or cobra hood or something because those pieces add looks to the car. A badge adds nothing to the car, it just says the car is something that it's not.
  10. I respectfully disagree with most evrything on the car. However, I do like the headlights, shift knob, and the color. And oh yeah, WASH IT!!!!!
  11. Maybe it's because you live in the Republic of California or maybe it's because most people in San Fran are just plain retarded. But everybody down "souf" knows what a mustang is, what a shelby is, what a boss is, what a mach 1 is, etc...Hell, even the ignorant Mexicans know the difference. There is a guy at my friends apartment complex that works there who asked why in the hell I didn't get a Shelby GT500 (obviously doesn't know price, but he knows for damn sure what they are).
  12. Never said I did dick head. I cant believe you still all juiced up over this thread.
  13. This thread has been beaten to death so let's pull the sheet over this.

    You aren't going to persuade me to believe most of the 300 million people in America know how to identify a Ford Mustang and which proper marks go with which model

    And I'm not going to persuade a lot of you otherwise.

    So though we might not be able to agree on that, let's agree to put this thread to rest.
  14. Hmm... I actually like the headlights. They don't seem out of place to me, where several of the other aftermarket ones do. what do the three little lights do?

    I agree the mixing of badges isn't a good idea. And washing the car before a photoshoot is a good idea. :D Don't sweat it though, it's your car.

  15. The three little lights are just LEDs that illuminate when the parking lights/headlights are on. No real function.

    Yes it needed a wash... so hard to keep the thing clean here during the winter months.
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