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  1. Just finished getting my car dyno'd post install of Boss manifold, Steeda CAI, and 93 tune by BBR. WOW, color me impressed :)

    Boss Manifold, Steeda CAI, 93 BBR tune.jpg

    The torque curve is flat! And my car didn't lose a thing. I went from a max torque of 358.94 to 368.38 and it never dipped below the stock curve once passed 2400 rpm. And the HP 420.05 vs 374.54 with no dips, just smooth power all the way to 7500. I have my shift light set to 7000, just because I like my engine :)

    So, the combo of Boss manifold, Steeda CAI and BBR tune gets two thumbs way up :)
  2. Wow nice. I get asked quite a bit how much HPs I have. I don't like to be one of those people that takes the retailer's word on the power increase, but this shows me i'm pretty accurate with my guess.
  3. Was the original number bone stock?
  4. The blue trace is the stock dyno run

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  5. That's a good tune, pin straight A/F line. I likey!!
  6. Nice #'s , and you & I don't even have Long tubes yet !!!
  7. Exhaust won't be done for a while. I have too much to do on the suspension :)
  8. By BBR you mean Booze Brothers?
  9. Um, not sure how to respond to that?

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