MORE Smilies?

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  1. Yea, i just joined forums and they have like 135 different smilies. So what gives with us only having a handful? We have about the least of all the forums, I think it would be cool to have some more...ALOT more. i really like that "hide" one from where the guy is hiding behind a couch(its :rlaugh: IMO). Oh i joined because my friend has an 02 SS that is fixing to get a head/cam/stroker combo put in and he is letting me help him pick out the best combo, so i had some Qs for them. Anywas, guys I thing more (like over 100) would really make it more enjoyable to post and give a more relaxed/free feeling when posting as you often will not have to type anything and just use one of the smilies and really get your feelings accross. What do you think?
  2. Very true
  3. just copy and paste the address for the smilie into your reply over here at SN
  4. do I get a post for this
  5. Whoops, forgot to check to see the count before I posted. post added. :notnice:
  6. If you go post in the tech sections, you will gain posts:nice:

    this thread needs a lock, oh and 98StangRidah and I need admin capabilities in the feedback forum.
  7. :nice: