More Transmissions problems with my 2012 GT

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  1. I have had the worst experience with Ford and our local dealership- County Ford. I purchased a 2012 Mustang GT and we had had transmission problems. After many weeks of trying to get them to take the car back they have denied our request. Ford advertises American Built but the transmissions are built in China. They brag about their customer service but it’s the worst I have experienced- especially locally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation. There are many complaints about the transmission on the Mustang forums on the internet and YouTube. There are some lawsuits filed against Ford reference this. My wife and I have no confidence in the car and believe it is not safe. A new $38000 car should not be in the shop for 60 days in the first 4 months of ownership. I’ve made four payments ($559.28 ea.). The first payment made the car was not in our possession. The vehicle broke one week after the second payment was made. The payment on 12/01/11 the vehicle was not in our possession and the last payment on 1/03/12 we had had the vehicle back for only 1 days and the vehicle was parked in our garage. We paid $4000 down, we’ve made four payments totaling $2237.12 at 0% interest. Basically we have spent $6237.12 and have not had the car in our possession for half of the time of ownership. That’s not including insurance and taxes (approximately $50 a month insurance and just paid $293 taxes on car) and title, registration fees and taxes when purchased. That is a lot of money for our family. We have been patient and tried to work this out. After the first repair we accepted an extended warranty. After the transmission locked up while traveling through one of the most busiest intersections we do not feel the car is safe.
    Purchased vehicle- 8/16/11. 1st repair-Vehicle was at County Ford for 2 ½ weeks (total) in September-Oct (they evaluated and ordered parts. Took car back to be repaired)2nd repair- 11/08/11 – 12/23/11 (45 days) **vehicle on lift the entire time. Found out when we picked it up they damaged the Ext housing while attempting to replace bearing-had to wait for parts shipped from China**3rd repair- 1/11/12-until?
    Ford will not buy the car back from us and sadly we will not ever buy another Ford.
  2. For your information the NHTSA has closed their investigation on Mustang transmission concerns.

    In short they found “there is no indication of loss of motive power or unreasonable safety risk associated with the alleged defect in the subject vehicles.”

    Here are their findings:

    The Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) analyzed complaint data provided by Ford as well as complaints submitted to ODI from consumers. In total, there were 364 unique reports indicating various shift quality issues while driving. Ford identified several factors that may contribute to shift quality concerns in the subject vehicles, including cold transmission, clutch stay-out at high engine speeds, gear clash or grinding, and gradual loosening of clutch plate bolts in some early production vehicles. The largest percentage of complaints indicated higher than expected shift efforts in cold ambient temperatures. These complaints were related to transmission fluid viscosity and the higher shift efforts resolved themselves with the drivetrain warming. Ford published technical service bulletin TSB 11-3-18 to inform technicians that a lower viscosity fluid was available for use to address the cold shift issues. The clutch stay-out condition typically occurs at engine speeds greater than 4000 rpm. It does not prevent the selection of any gear, but may delay clutch re-engagement depending on how long the driver maintains the higher engine speed. Ford identified rotating inertia of the clutch components as the root cause and replacement clutch pedal parts were made available under Ford TSB 10-19-4. A number of reports alleged increasing difficulty selecting gears along with gear clash or grinding. Grinding or notchy gear shifts may be caused by gradual loosening of clutch plate fasteners, which is promoted by certain aggressive shifting. This condition is progressive in nature and initially results in symptoms related to shift quality/feel. Clutch plate bolt loosening will not result in inability to select any gear unless the progressive symptoms are ignored until complete clutch failure occurs. ODI’s analysis identified only five complaints alleging an inability to shift into gear due to loose clutch plate bolts. None of these resulted in a stall and gear shifting could occur before engine start. A revised fastener was designed and implemented in production and is available for service through a special service message. There is no indication of loss of motive power or unreasonable safety risk associated with the alleged defect in the subject vehicles. This preliminary evaluation is closed.
    [Source: NHTSA]
  3. Outsource, outsource, outsource. Made in China. Welcome to the future. I noticed mine starting to resist going into 2nd gear last fall just before putting it away for the winter (I've got a little over 3000 miles on it). I worry I might be facing the same thing you are this summer. GM is having similar transmission issues with the Mexican built Tremecs in the Camaro as well.

    If Ford won't/can't fix it, it sounds like you need to be looking into your state's lemon law statutes.
  4. Outsourcing is done by all manufacturers, and has been done for nearly as long as cars have been on the road. Nothing futuristic or modern day about it.

    I do have to scratch my head about Ford going with a different trans in the new 5.0 Mustangs when the previous trans was trouble free for the most part.

    To the original poster: Do you know for a fact that your car has had the TSB's performed that are mentioned in the article I posted above? If not get them done as needed and let us know how it turns out. Talk to the service manager, general manager, or owner if you haven't and let them know what's happening as well as telling Ford directly (there's a number to call in your owners manual). It may take going to a different dealer to get your concern fixed.
  5. Hi BlueStallion12,

    Sorry to hear of your multiple dealer visits! Please DM me your VIN, mileage, and contact information so I can review the situation.

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Been there done that... My 2012 was hitting around 7,000 miles and my tranny was lock up in first gear but in the neutral position kinda sad you would thank for a brand new vehicle, well other than that i love my car I was told that it was not the first one that has done this and it could also happen again I have put about 3000 miles on this new transmission and second gear is still tricky getting into
  7. Yes and no. Foreign parts are nothing new, but outsourcing major mechanical components like an entire transmission or an entire engine to a third world country is fairly unprecedented.

    Because the 05-09 transmission wasn't that good. It only had 5 gears, and was rather clunky, unrefined, and made a lot of noise. Ford needed the new transmission. I just wish they had gotten it from somewhere that could built it right.
  8. Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of products made in China, and am against any U.S. company outsourcing to them in particular. With that said how can you call China a 3rd world county? They have a space program and have had nuclear technology for a long time. Do you consider Canada & Mexico 3rd world countries?
    Many Ford engines and transmissions have been made in Canada & Mexico.

    As someone who works in a Ford service department I can say we have had no appreciable number of complaints on any 2005 and newer Mustang manual transmissions. I can think of only one car that had a concern with it's MT82 transmission. We have had a few people who don't understand/don't like the skip shift feature, but that is a normal operational characteristic. Mustangs are amongst the lowest number percentage wise of models of newer Ford models that come in for warranty work in our dealer and for many other dealers I know people whom work for.
  9. Anyone with knowledge as to wether Ford could deny covering the tranny with such a problem due to a tune that eliminates skip shift?
  10. You can turn the skip shift off with a Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) programmer and the use of the Ford programmer will not void your warranty.
  11. I've got 7200 miles on my 2012 Boss 302 with the MT-82 tranny. I hated the skip shift so much that I disconnected it by pulling the plug on top of the rear housing and taping it up. Tranny still grinds a little in the first 3 gears while cold. I put in a Steeda Tri-ax shifter and rear bushing which took the vagueness out and made the shifting more positive and easier to downshift without hitting the wrong gear.

    I totally Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate that Ford sourced this tranny from China. I don't buy anything made in China. You think I'm fooling? You think everyone has to buy stuff made in China sooner or later? I Don't. Follow me when I go to a hardware store or something. I don't pick up something and throw it in my cart. I look at everything I buy. I do without many times if I can't find something made in USA or at least not made in China. I have many appliances, cookware, electronics, tools, etc., that might be old but they still work and they are made in USA. I live by this code everyday.
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  12. So did the Soviet Union, but you don't see too many people seeking out Soviet cars for their quality, reliability, and engineering excellence, do you?

    The way the Chinese manufacture is to build as cheaply as possible in all circumstances. Quality is expendable. It's one thing when the disposable crap in Wal Mart is cheap and easily replaceable, but when it is a $37K car, throwing it away and just getting another one isn't quite so easy.

    I never said the 05-10 transmissions didn't work properly. I merely said that they were unrefined. The new 6-speed solves all the refinement issues, but doesn't seem to be put together nearly as well, and I suspect Ford's choice of production facility has a lot to do with it.
  13. should have all them share the same trani as the gt500 and avoid headaches
  14. Which is made in ____?
  15. Mexico
  16. The quality of the parts coming out of that plant are designed and manufactured to Getrag's (50% Ford owned IIRC) spec. You can bring the quality to whatever you want, they're building to the customers spec, not something they came up with on their own. If you want to be upset with the tranny, express this to Ford, dont blame the Chinese facility they're built at.

    I'm not a fan of outsourcing but we have a public that wants to pay the lowest price possible, a management that wants the highest profit possible, and an American work force that leaves a lot to be desired.
  17. The Chinese make awesome laptops which we all love and use.
    Its just hard to believe the manual transmission has not been totally perfected by
    Ford or whoever.
  18. It's not the design or engineering of the product if it was all the manual trannys would be junk. The majority have no issues. Its the quality control and pride in the workmanship thats the problem in China. You cant pay someone the lowest wages and expect them to have pride in what they are doing!!!
  19. I like your way of thinking
  20. Ford cannot blame the shifting problems on aggressive shifting. I am a female who has had a 83 Mustang GT and also now have a 87 GT I have had for 25 years. I also drive it with a child in the car. Last October I purchased 2012 Mustang GT premium with only 7 miles on it. I noticed when it got cooler, I did start to have the shifting problems between 1st and 2nd. Real stiff/notchy feeling. Not that smooth shifting when I first got it. We have had a mild winter also here in the south. I only have 1300 miles on my car now (baby this car, garage kept and never driven in the rain). A week ago I was tired of the stiff shifting into second and brought into Ford because of the TSB that was on it. They changed the fluid. Next day, pulled out of my driveway, started up the street, went into second and the stiffness was still there. Called Ford customer service to get this documented. Well, now a week later taking it back again. This reminds me when my 83 GT (bought it used back then) sychronizers started to go. One, this should not be doing this already on a brand new $36k car! Two, especially I don't race it down the street! I know all about the skip shifting also to help with MPG. I have also heard from others about them eating oil during break in. I am on my third quart! What I don't understand that this 1st to 2nd stiffness isn't 100% of the time. More so 90%. I am driving it 300 miles to visit family with my children in Feb. I don't want this thing screwing up worse on the way home. I think the NHTSA should of kept the case open longer to get more of the 2012 Mustang customers complaints. Which mine is next.