Saleen mosaleen idler pulley

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03s281sc, May 25, 2007.

  1. I saw the previous thread with this mentioned and i want one seeing as how my car eat belts like a fat kid eats candy. I emailed him but got no response, is there a number to call or any other way i can reach him to get one?
  2. You can reach him through SaleenPower.Com

    See Ya Bill
  3. I wish I still had his phone number... go to and PM "mosaleen" or pm him on here under the same name. Scott is a great guy and Im quite sure you didnt get ignored on purpose. I wish I still had his phone # so i could pass it along.
  4. upgraded web site to show all vehicles mosaleen fits now.
    Saleen mustang, 1999-2010,
    Saleen S 331 & Harley Davidson (with Saleen blower) Trucks, 06-09
    Roush Mustang, 05 to 09
    Steeda Mustang, 05 to 10
    Edelbrock Supercharger on Mustang, 05-10.

    Take a look thanks Scott