SOLD Moser 8.8: Complete Assembly

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  1. I’m selling the complete rear axle assembly out of my car. This is the strongest 8.8 combination that can be built and since I put it into service, have had 100% perfect performance with it. It is in perfect working condition. The assembly was custom built in-house by Moser Engineering. Below is a parts list of the unit along with what it would cost to reproduce it.
    Parts list and retail prices:
    • 8.8" Ford housing that came from a 99' chassis. It has new welded tubes and 9" housing ends using the large Torino-Style Bearings $600
    Moser Engineering - Hobby Stock Circle Track Axle Package
    Hobby Stock Axles, 31-spline and Lg. 9" Bearings & Studs.... $695/pkg
    • Eaton 8.8 31-Spline LSD w/Carbon Disks....$500
    • Moser 3.73 Ring & Pinion....$200
    • Kenny Brown Lower Control Arm Mounts that include mounts for Coil-Overs....$150
    Total cost to reproduce....$2,145
    Moser says this axle should be good to over 2000hp...
    In these pictures you can see both the CnC'd Dual Caliper Brackets and the Top 3-link Cradle. Both of these parts DO NOT COME WITH THE AXLE but are available with the rest of their respective parts. PM me for details.
    * To where the Brake hats sit is 63.5" face to face
    * I am not looking to "part this out".

    I'm asking $1700obo +shipping from zip code 28031 or it can be picked-up locally.
    FYI, the Brakes we use Wilwood Forged Billet Dynalite Calipers, Alum. Hats and Lightweight steel Rotors and yes they are for sale. PM me for details:
    Wilwood & Baer Brakes sell caliper mounting brackets that will allow you to use your stock calipers.
    I've also got a 4.10 gear set that has very little time on it. $150
    Thanks for looking
  2. ***SOLD***
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