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  1. Well after 3 months of hiaedous due to military training, time to get back to finishing the project! Got her running the week before I shipped out, but was having a high idle issue and dying when Rpms trying to return to idle from highway speeds. I discovered a small leak in the IC that I'm gonna get welded up, also have a set of mis-matched injectors. Just ordered the Stinger dual exhaust, IC piping, hooker aero chamber mufflers and Walbro 255lph pump. Here's a list of the parts I need, so I anyone has any of them let me know! Hoping the pump and intake leak will fix the issue, but the injectors are suspect as well. 2 are Bosch replacement and 2 are factory. And I've got Ford Racing springs on it, but it's still riding a bit high. So I was going to take a half a coil or a little more out of the front, and use the adjustable rear control arms up front. Sound like a solid plan? I understand there is a dead coil so the progressive rate isn't altered

    2 or 4 35lb injectors
    CC plates
    Weight jacker or adjustable rear lower control arms
    Upper rear control arms
    Front and rear sway bars
    8.8 disc rear end with either 3.55's or maybe 3.27's