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  1. I really hope you have a green car
  2. still havnt painted the car yet. ill get around to it lol. hmm was thinkin about tube framing the engine bay or smoothing it out not sure yet
  3. It's not easy being green.. Very nice attention to detail. You plan on painting those headers?
  4. Obviously not going in a Mustang with that oil pan. What's it going in?

  5. need green plug wires
  6. I've never seen green plug wires.
  7. it is going in a mustang, i know im going to have to modify the oil pan some so it will fit , i did find green plug wires but they just didnt seem worth 100$+ for em to me .i did think about wrapping the headers tho.
  8. Don't wrap your headers. I made that mistake. It makes them rust out so fast you can't keep up buying headers. I think it makes them so thin it actually makes your engine bay warmer.

  9. I think you definition of "modify the oil pan some" is different than my definition. I want to see the pic's of that project. It certainly is NOT going in a Fox Body Mustang.
  10. Even stainless headers kurt?
  11. ya its goin in a sn95 lol. i still gotta build my baffled fuel cell . good call on the header wrap maybe ill get a set of headers ceramic coated
  12. I couldn't tell you. I never tried on stainless headers. Most of these exhaust pieces advertised as stainless just have a very thin stainless coating. I doubt it makes much difference though. I think you are better off sending them out for ceramic coating. I had a header tube collapse it was so rusted out. It happened the day before I had to drive the car on a 270 mile trip. I had to pull the header and drop it off at at welding shop to have a new tube put in. The welder had it a whole day, and I had to put the header in at 6 pm at night and the make the 270 mile trip.

    I also agree that you are too far in the hole modifying that pan. I think you are better off buying a new pan. You also have to run a pickup tube to the back of the engine. There is no room for a forward pickup tube in a Mustang.

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  13. Thanks Kurt. :nice:
  14. bought the pan for 50$ with the forward tube, i tig weld and fab and i do custom paint n body so its no big deal for me to modify it at all, that was my plan when i bought the pan .

    ill post pics up when i do it, same with my internal baffled fuel cell that im gona build out of stainless .

    plus i dont see spending 250-400 on a oil pan worth it lol
  15. Kawasaki Green is my favorite!!!