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  1. I have a 4.6 SOHC has the typical bolt on's. I want to start buying parts to build a motor I have an idea on what I want but not sure if its the right way to go about it. i was thinking stroker kit, trick flow twisted wedge heads, not sure what cams, should i have it bored while im at it? not sure what intake manifold. and to top it off i want to turbo it. can anyone help send me in the right direction?
  2. This is a very open ended question with a million possible answers. How about defining some goals for horsepower, cost ect?

    The stock shortblock is good for 425-450rwhp. With no other modifications, a turbo with moderate boost could easily take you right up to that power level. That can make for a very fast car without a lot of work or investment, and if you don't push past 425-450rwhp, it can be very reliable. In that case, you wouldn't have to think about cams or building an engine at all.

    If you get bored with that, it might give you a nice opportunity to build up the bottom end. Stronger rods and pistons, and the stock 4.6 block/crank will take 6-800hp. Use a forged crank and you can go even higher. I wouldn't recommend boring more than necessary to clean up the cylinders. The increase in displacement isn't worth it and you just make the cylinder walls thinner (and weaker). I cracked the block on two 2.3L engines because of cors shift and going .030 over.

    In terms of how you get there, heads will certainly help the engine flow and make more power at a lower boost level. Turbo engines don't need a lot of cam to make power. A stock cam will work great for many applications and there are turbo cams available. Just be careful not to go overboard. The wilder the cam, the more overlap it'll have, and turbo engines generally don't like much overlap. Again, if you want more power, just increase the boost. Things like lowering the compression ratio, a good intercooler and meth/water injection will help you get to your goal.

    As an example, my 2.3 made 300+rwhp with a stock cam, stock bottom end, lightly cleaned up head and lots of boost. Nothing special and the combination would run out of breath by 5000 rpm. Just saying, you don't need a bunch of special parts to make the power.
  3. I would but a Screw type supercharger like a Kenne Bell. Great power. Pretty straight forward install and if you ever want to sell you can get good money for them used.
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  5. Are you sure you want a car with more power than the stock motor can produce?

    I ask because a 400 rwhp street car is VERY fast to almost everyone. If you've been there/done that, and want to go on beyond that, that's great. But going from a mostly stock car to a built motor, turbo setup making 600+ is a huge, HUGE jump that is likely to be unsafe for someone not used to that power. 400 rwhp still puts a smile on my face every time I light 'em up. :)
  6. alright so im thinking about keeping the stock crank now after reading bhuff30s post so now I think ive narrowed it down to heads, mild cams and a turbo maybe even better pistons and rods for higher boost levels. what kind of cams and upper intake manifold would you guys reccomend?