Roush Motor Swap Advice

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sal07b, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. OK fellow Saleeners, I have a question. I am not happy at all with the power (or lack there of) of my 96. I have found a good price on an 03' Cobra motor, T-56 transmission, Aluminum driveshaft, and wireharness/computer. I'm going to look at it this weekend. Do any of you know anyone that has made this swap? I'm looking for a read on the feasibility of making this happen. The 03's bottom end is basicaly bullet proof, so future hp upgrades shouldn't be a worry. Frankly, for the price, I can't do the heads and supercharge my current motor. Not to mention, I'll have the 6-speed as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, do you think I hurt the value of the car by doing this? I could always keep the stock motor, or I could sell it to re-coup some of the money I'll spend. Opinions??
  2. not my general field of expertise but here's my opinion :D

    i would call Modular Powerhouse 770-751-0333 ( and ask to speak to tim, the owner, or his brother andy. tim is on the forefront of modular motors nationally and has got a few crazy 700rwhp feature cars coming out in the rags soon. the shop he owns is where my saleen is going this weekend for $9gs worth of mods and tuning...and yes, my KB finally arrived :nice: point is that if there is anyone east or west coast that knows modular motors it's him. and he's a no BS guy that'll give you his honest opinion and top notch customer service. he'll know what you can and can't do, heck, maybe you could ship your car to him for the work. he's got stangs from all over the country out front of the business.

    personally, i can see how a collector would have a problem with a different motor in the car you've got, but who could honestly be a mustang enthusiast and complain about the terminator power you'd be getting? obviously some of guys on here are "collectors" and have a "few" saleens...something i could only dream of :hail2: , maybe they have a better opinion. i wouldn't think the value would drop that much on the car, to me, i'd pay what you wanted if you were selling it with a cobra motor.