Motor Trend's predictions for the next gen Stang

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    Just flashed back to this article from Motor Trend in 2001 and found it interesting to look at their predictions for the 04 Stang (05 now). Amazing how the 05 is nowhere near their predictions.
  2. The real '05 has a pony in the center of the grille, just like M/T's prediction.
    Isn't that close enough for you nit pickers? :rlaugh:
  3. M/T got the number of tires right too, four!!!! :nice:
  4. Don't forget the 2 exhaust pipes too!!
  5. Anyone else wish that was accurate?
  6. The car does not look bad, but I don' think it would fit. It looks very European.
  7. An interesting side note, is that the production 2005 Mustang is actually more Asian. The head of the S197 Mustang design project, was born and raised in Vietnam.

    So, he actually brought to the design, his own outsider impressions of what an "American" sports car should be. :flag:

    From war-torn Vietnam to driver's seat of Mustang
  8. I actually like this concept if Ford decided to not go retro. I would buy it.

    Did anyone else notice it has side and rear exhaust? What's with that?
  9. Ford has to cut costs where they can, so by showing 2 concepts in 1 picture, they save on ink.
  10. That's the dumbest thing I've heard all day.

    The guy has lived in th US for 29 of his 37 years. Hell, I would imagine he's probably even a citizen. At what point does his impressions stop being those of an "outsider"? If this guy immigrated from Europe in 1975, no one would even notice.

    He did an excellent job IMO.
  11. Well, it is a cultural-roots thing, and would be the same if he/she did come from Europe or any other non-USA place for that matter. It really doesn't matter how long he has been here, nor if he is a citizen. It is where he was during his "formative" childhood years. That, by itself, doesn't make this impressions good or bad; just different.

    Would you characterize the Japanese designed Mustang (aka the Ford Probe) as embodying the best of what it means to be a Mustang? It doesn't mean the Probe was a bad design; it just wasn't a Mustang.

    If I picked the person to head a total redesign of the Mustang, I would pick someone who grew up in the pits of a race track or drag strip. Someone who knew how to speed-shift before they could walk. Someone who teethed on a torque wrench.

    Maybe the 2005 Mustang design will grow on me over the years. It is hard to exactly place what is wrong with it, but it just doesn't seem quite right. Instead of retro, it kind-of reminds me of the "look" of a 40+ year old guy wearing a lime green polyester leisure suit. It doesn't make him look young again; just odd.
  12. well, no irs, no cool electronics inside, and they missed both possible dates for release. and still withhold info
  13. I would not be the least bit interested in buying one of those. A Mustang is supposed to look tough, not like some pansy ass Honda/Acura.
  14. Thai-Tang was a logical choice to oversee Mustang's development, said Phil Martens, group vice president-North America product creation.

    "We needed a car guy," Martens said.

    What the hell does that have to do with anything?

    He joined Ford in 1988 and soon was assigned to work with the Newman-Haas racing team on the CART open-wheel circuit. The job allowed him to refine his area of expertise: chassis engineering.

    Ahh, but he didn't get into racing when he was a kid. Could it be because his family was too busy fleeing for their f**king lives?

    What about Zora Arkus Duntov? The man credited with being the father of the modern Corvette didn't start racing (motorcycles) until he was 18 and didn't move to this country until he was 30 years old.
    If you have a problem with the styling, that would be a complaint for the individual who actually styled the car. That would be Jay Mays, not Hau Thai-Tang.
  15. :owned: :nice:
  16. First of all, I am 40+ and a) I don't wear tacky lime green anything. I think you are mistaking to 80+ age group who no longer drive. b) 40 is NOT old, just wait until you reach that age and some young snot nosed 20-something calls you old. LOL. c) I think the 05 look freaken awesome, it's best job I have ever seen to make a car use some styling cues of the days when all cars looked different and yet modern. I am so sick of "cookie cutter" car designs, so many cars can be mistaken for so many other cars, and even manufacturer from 1000 yards, it's discusting. The 05 Mustang will be without a doubt unmistakenably MUSTANG from any distance.

    Motor Trends concept drawing looked good but I am glad the design went into the direction that it did instead.
  17. Better exhaust flow
  18. "If you have a problem with the styling, that would be a complaint for the individual who actually styled the car. That would be Jay Mays, not Hau Thai-Tang."

    Thats absolutely right. This guy is an engineer. He was handed the body style and the mechanical requirements and told to fit them in and make it work!