Motorcraft Spark Plugs GONE

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  1. I have a 2006 GT with 27k on the clock.
    Still have the factory two piece Motorcraft plugs in it.
    Should I change them using the Ford TSB guide lines?
    Or, should I have my trusted local Mustang speed shop do them?
    Knowing that they have the experience and the special extraction tools that might be needed.
  2. If you feel that you are a decent wrench monkey than try it yourself. If you are doubting yourself, just let someone else do the work. I've removed mine out of a few vehicles without even using the TSB.
  3. Choice

    Hmm, I guess it depends on how skilled you are or how lucky you feel. :shrug:
  4. I'm skilled with the wrench. :D
    Just not feeling lucky.

    The Mustang is saying...
    "Are ya' feeling lucky punk?"
    "Well are ya'?"
  5. would fuel injector clean help get the carbon off the plugs too get them out?im order some tonight....
  6. 11/30/08 was the cutoff then the new head design, I missed it by three months. There is a sticker on the driver side valve cover AA is for the old heads AB is the new head design with the one piece plug.

    I still have the pos motorcraft 2 piece sparkplugs in mine and might go with the 7989 Champion plugs or better?
  7. The Champions are a great choice. I've been loving mine for like 23K miles with zero issues.
  8. I just bought a set of Champion 7989 sparkplugs from for $12.72 each. I called auto parts stores for the Nickel Anti-Seize but they don't carry it. I found some at of all places.
    I'm going to use carb cleaner, take my time and hope for the best. I am very nervous and not looking forward to this but the car has 24k miles and I want those POS Motorcraft plugs out of there.

    Surgery is in about a week...Wish me luck!!
  9. Hopefully, with only 24K miles you shouldn't have too much trouble. Funny, I got my nickel anti-seize from Amazon too. Good luck, hopefully soon you'll have those Motorcrap plugs in the trash can (where they belong) and your 'Stang will be running great with the new Champions. Don't forget to set the gap, .045" should work great. :nice:
  10. My own '06 had the plugs changed at 30k miles - my son who is an ASE mechanic did it with me. We followed Ford's guidelines perfectly. The #8 plug broke with almost NO EFFORT to remove it - luckily my son is a Snap-On dealer and had the extraction tool on his truck - that tool is simple, but an engineering marvel and worked like a champ - took maybe 10 minutes to get out. They also have a tool to get a plug out if the porcelain cracks off. I replaced them all with Champions. Really a bad design by Ford or whoever designed them. One of the shops I tune at, changes plugs on 3v's all the time, maybe hundreds of times and NEVER follows Ford's guidelines and NEVER has had a broken plug. Go figure.

  11. Success!! :lol: Yesterday I took all the Motorcraft sparkplugs out without breaking. It was the most stressful motorwork operation I've done. I used carb cleaner that was on the shelf (Valveline) and sprayed it to the hex nut level. Then it took over 40 ft lbs! to crack them. After they were each cracked I went back and did an 1/8 turn on each one let it soak 20 min then another 1/8 turn After about 3 hrs I got them all out. During the process some plugs felt tight and others felt very loose. The loose plugs I thought were broken...that was the stressful part. Thankfuly none of the Motorcraft plugs broke and the new Champions 7989 with nickel antiseize are in. Glad I don't have to sweat another sparkplug change again.

    Happy Holidays!

  12. Congrats buddy! Have a cup of cheer! Gotta love those Champions. :nice:
  13. Thanks Golden! Cheers!