motorvation custom chip

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  1. i was lookin at and i stumbled onto the motorvation custom chip. ,pn mvc-7777, if anyone wants to check it out. i just finished up some motor work that ended up in me not having egr hooked up any more and i want to get a chip burnt to fix that and optimize my set up. has anyone heard anything about these guys? or been in the same spot i'm in?

    i also listed this under 5.0 tech, my bad. i forgot about this section till now anf figured this might be a better place to get some kind of answer

    thanks in advance
  2. i dont really like "canned tunes"

    they are cheeper and will leave your car running good but it may be a conservative tune seeing how they cant do things such as advance spark to detention then back it off.

    one of the worries about deleting the EGR from you car is that the computer may not recognize its gone and advance the spark the way it does with the EGR on, which COULD lead to detonation. but my guess is that the ecu will through a code and lock your KAMs at 1.00. thats my best logical guess though.

    if your doing it just for your EGR i would not waste your money. if you want to find out more about he EGR thing visit VRIstangs website, its a great place for info.