Mounting 3G with blower and now smog??????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TC93, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Guys with Vortechs and Powerdynes without smog pump how did you mount the altenator in the blower bracket??
  2. I run an auto specialties smog elimnator pulley in place of the smog pump. Works perfectly and a 3g alt has no problem bolting up.
  3. i am running a 3g alternator which is right much larger than the stock alternator, but i mounted mine just below the blower, i drilled a new bolt hole in the plate that the blower sits in. i only got one bolt in and had to space the pulley on the alternator with one washer, but everything lines up good, and i haven't thrown a belt since i rigged it about 500 miles ago. i looked for a picture, but the alternator is so far hidden you can't see it in any of the pictures.
  4. THX guys but I think I figured something out.. Bought a $10 boomer rang alt bracket from Advance Auto and it seems to fit great. Bolted to a whole in the blower bracket where the smog pump would be bolted and curved down around the alt to the tab on the alt. Just had to make the slot alittle wider for the bolt to go through. Simple and easy fix, plus cheap and doesn't look bad. Here are a few pics..
  5. Couple more shots..