moving leaf springs in??

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  1. Well, I would like to make some more wheel space so I can run some 315's or 335's on 17x11 wheels. Do you think moving the leaf springs about 3" on each side will be a good idea? Im trying to avoid going all out and backhalfing the car. I just need some bigger tubs.

    Any suggestions?
  2. What about your tailpipes? wouldnt they (tires) interfere?

    Why do you want such large tires and wheels?

  3. Are fender flares an option? has a guy that runs 17x11s on a 66 fastback...with fender flares.

  4. lol.. the exhaust will be dump'd and its going to be redone...again :rolleyes:

    With the new plans and new motor, Im going to need the traction (and it looks cool :D ) I plan on putting right around 600hp to the ground :nice:
  5. there is a company called Crites that makes a spring reloc. kit for early falcons. I don't know if mustang ones would be any different, I know they have website but don't remember exactly what it is. Good luck
  6. you may need to call them to see if their setup would work, they say it gives 8" more clearance in the falcons
  7. Thanks...I emailed them. I hope it will work
  8. Does this involve a turbo?
  9. maybe a couple :rolleyes: :D
  10. I am thinking of a single t66. Twins and an intercooler seems tight in an older mustang. Have you started anything yet? Sorry for the highjack.
  11. check your PM's
  12. I wasn't going to put a 2 cents in, but I realized there might be a problem. I don't think the frame rails would allow much more than about 2in per side. I am thinking about a 65-66, I don't know about later years. If you look at the lower part of the wheelwell by the frame rail, I think there's only an inch & 1/2 or so you can take out and extend the wheel tub. My car is 2500 miles away so I can't go measure.

    If you flip the spring to the other side of the framerail at the front, you'll have to make a bracket, not really all that difficult. The rear shackle will be more fun, I think the gas tank might be in the way..the spring would probably move in almost 6 inches each side.

    I think this trick works easier on chebbies because their rear frame rails are straight, not to say it'd not work, it just might take a bit of bodging.
  13. well, I wasnt sure it if it would work or not... I will go check it out in a little bit... Gas tanks isnt a worry for me cause Im running a fuel cell that takes up the whole trunk :D I will have to check it out. I will know a lot more when I get my rotisserie built and the car up in the air..
  14. If your thinking your going to be putting out 600 hp. the last thing in the world I would keep under my car is a leaf spring set up. If your going to go to all the trouble of relocating stuff you should just do what RacinJason did to his coupe and just backhalf the car with a kit from Comp eng,or another company to take full advantage of 600 ponies. The results would be well worth the efort and far better than keeping leaf springs on stock mustang rear fram rails.
  15. I think you are right... a full rear setup is around $1000. New leaf springs, shackles and stuff is $400 by itself, might as well spend the extra $600 and get a good setup.

    Im looking at the S&W setup for $999 and you get free wheel tubs. Im also going to order their 12 pt cage. :rolleyes: