Moving out of state. Gotta leave the 87 Hatch behind.

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  1. Thats right, I'm moving to Idaho, and looking to get either a decent 4x4 SUV, or a Quattro Audi. The stang will have to serve as a down payment on either one.

    I'm not in any rush, so please don't think a ridiculous offer will get me going. If I must I'll rent the $300 dolly and take it with me.

    Must point out, it is currently Non-OP status. (Only due to funding and having an extra vehicle :) It will and DOES pass smog beautifully though. ( I will have it smogged prior to sale anyway)

    List of modifications:


    Stock Block rebuilt prior to my ownership.
    E7 heads (comes with an extra set with larger valves - working on them)
    93 Cobra Intake (original one) w/ Ported Lower by Fox Lake Racing.
    Professional Products 70mm TB
    C&L Inlet Tube w/76mm MAF w/19lb Injectors
    130amp Alternator Upgrade
    3-Row Brass Radiator
    High Flow Water Pump
    ARP Intake/Head bolts
    CraneCames Cobra 1.7r Roller Rockers
    Stock Cam
    Optima Battery Side Mounted
    BBK Shorty headers
    Stock H-PIPE
    Flowmaster 2-Chambers


    5-Lug Cobra conversion 13"fr/11.65"rr Using North Race Cars brackets and stock length 31spline axles.
    US Alloy 31 Spine Axles 5-lug stock fox length
    Eaton 31 spline Traction-lock
    3:73 Ford Racing gears
    Granatelli Adjustable Lowers/Steeda Reinforced Uppers
    BBK Progressive Rate rear springs with KYB GR2 Shocks

    94-95 Front Spindles
    QA1 s2003 Struts with 325# 14" coil overs.
    Steeda Caster Camber Plates
    Granatelli 5.0 K-Member w/Tubular Control Arms
    Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines w/speed Bleeders

    O.E. Wheels Cobra R w/bullets Silver Center Machined Lip 17x9

    Sunny's SN3800 (Much nicer than my old Cooper Zeon ZPT's) 245/45/17's all around less than 5k on them.


    Stock LX
    Upgraded to 91-93 fenders for larger wheels
    Upgraded to 92 Hatch for better latch mechanism

    Extras: Not installed but comes with the car

    Dual Friction Clutch (not Centerforce)
    Steel Bearing Retainer
    MM Clutch Quadrant
    MM Clutch Pedal Adjuster
    O.E. Ford Clutch Cable
    Spare set of Ultra Clear Headlights (headlights only)
    Complete set of Grey Seatbelts from 91-93 w/rear shoulder harness (meant to upgrade never got my welder to install the rear brackets)
    Rear Cargo Cover (missing a bracket on the Interior Quarter Panel)
    Cobra front Grille insert
    Spacer for Cobra Intake (1/2" missing bolts)
    Spare A/C Compressor
    A/C Eliminator Bracket (I reinstalled all the A/C Components, Liquid Line is plugged at Orifice Tube) R-134a conversion completed


    New Black Carpetting
    New Pony Logo Floor Mats
    Interior color matched Smoke Grey/Black
    Alpine CDA-9886 Head Unit Type s speakers all around
    Also includes a 2-12" Type S Subwoofer box if so desired. Need an amp

    I'm sure theres much more... Basically everything I find that belongs to the car will be loaded into the trunk.

    For Photos I will include a link to the album I have, and will take any others if you so desire to see particular portions of the car. The body was painted in March of last year with Bimimi Ford Blue. It got bumped into at a parking lot on the rear bumper so the paint there is cracked, otherwise the paint and body are in great shape.

    Ahh yes, it needs a windshield ($125) May also have the fixed prior to sale.

    Anything else just email me at [email protected]

    Thanks fellas! I am asking for $5,500 Like I said, I will consider offers, but I am not looking to sell by this weekend or anything. For a test drive, give me a call, I'll set it up.

    For photos check out the build thread link located in my sig.


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  2. Car is filthy... Will be cleaning that interior this weekend but for now, here are the interior shots, as well as a few more of the underhood. It too is a bit nasty still from when the radiator cracked and spewed out coolant on everything while driving through the desert! Ugg... either way... Here goes fellas.

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  3. I think for your asking price you better look into a dolly. peace

  4. I would be getting a $300 deal for a full dolly, not the front wheel only one.

    I've reduce the price to $4,500. The car has been cleaned up quite a bit. Lots of those stains are not apparent, but flash makes everything POP.
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