Moving spoiler back

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by cgrant, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I'm gonna move the stock spoiler on my 2000 vert back a few inches, any idea what to do about the holes that will show from where it was originally placed?

    Was thinking bodyfiller but how will the body filler stay in there while it dries? Any ideas?
  2. Yes, don't move it back any further than the front (closer to the back window) hole is. That way you will not see it. Then fill it with waterproof silicone sealer and put a rubber stop grommett and you will be done. No holes seen no body filler.
  3. i would leave it alone cuz if you ever plan to get another you may be screwed and have to have the trunk lid totaly painted, or just buy a saleen like i did :)
  4. just please, god, don't get an erubuni real spoiler
  5. I did this mod and it makes a great impact. Dont fill the holes with anything, remember that the holes will drain into the drain for the trunk lid. Just keep them covered by the spoiler. be carefull withe the lay out and you will be fine. See the tech section and they have an article on how to do this with some pics.