1. I know this is kind of like asking how much you bench but out of curiosity what king of mileage are you knocking down? I'm getting 14-15 in town and my only real hwy trip was 22-3 mpg.
  2. Poorly....but I don't drive it for fuel economy.
  3. mine's smilar but i need to do a little more testing to see what it is on the hwy now.
  4. I got 22.5 on the highway on a 1300 mile drive to Colorado. Couldn't tell ya what I get in town...
  5. Id rather not say...... LoL
  6. 17-18ish mpg in town (about 180 miles on a tank of gas- 10 gallons) 23 on the highway. It's gone down some since the 3.73's installed but who cares. I run 93 octane and a bottle of techron every 3000 miles.

    However, I rarely get on it in the city.
  7. With a 306 in it, I consistently got 20 around town in the summer, and 18 in the winter. With 373 gears, got 24 on the highway. With the 369, around town, it's been around 15....
  8. I used to average alot better before the stupid alcohol ended up in our fuel.
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  9. Best was 18 on the interstate at a steady 55 mph (pouring rain). My around town driving is about 12-14.

  10. Just over 20 on the hwy. never have checked with just city driving. Avg between the two @ 16-17mpg so city isn't very good but don't care
  11. To the OP, that's pretty good gas mileage. I haven't done any fuel economy testing on the new engine. The old one was 14/18.

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  13. I got 19.8 on my last tank, no highway driving. Mostly 35-50mph speed limits. I think with the auto I get better mileage than I did with the 5 spd. Prob cause the fun factor is smaller, I just put a transgo shift kit in though. Bumped the fun factor up a couple points. We will see if it stays around 20mpg

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  14. Just knocked out 22.4 on the highway this past weekend. I was pretty pleased since it isn't a stock 302. I bet it would be better if it was straight gasoline. Stupid corn lobby.
  15. city i get around 17 highway i get around 22 if I'm not going 90mph which ii do almost every night on my way home from work. but only if the highway is empty which at midnight usually is.
  16. That's actually really good...

    You can compare some on fuelly -- http://www.fuelly.com/car/ford/mustang

    I saw the 1979 average and can't stop laughing, NINE mpg? Are these people towing boats everywhere they go?
  17. I've never actually done the math but like Mike said, I don't drive it for MPG. If I ever took it on a power tour or something, I'd probably need a gas truck to follow me. The problem is less about efficiency and more about the fact that I can't drive it and keep out of the throttle long enough to let it be efficient. It would be better to measure burnouts per mile than miles per gallon.
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  18. My 87 GT Speed Density Auto, all stock gets around 20mpg daily...highway...65-80 mph.

    must have 273 rear...at 75 mph i'm at about 2700 rpm's...
  19. Mid 20's with teh top up, top down I get high teens. the old car had 2.73s and would pull down some nice mpg on the highway but :poo:full in town
  20. My auto 88 with 2.73 s was barely at 2k @ 70mph