1. sounds more like 3.73's
  2. At 2.73 I think you would turn a lot lower than that
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  4. so mix of mostly city and some hwy I got 16-17 miles per gallon. Did some romping etc so i had a little fun. so i imagine for strictly hwy would be low 20's
  5. Our combos are pretty similar. I would expect all things being equal we will get the same mileage.
  6. back and forth to work (about 20 miles mostly highway) i average 18-19, both car and truck.....but since the truck takes 87 and the car needs 93.....
  7. I just dropped from 93 to 89 in this cooler weather, car seems to have responded fine so far.
  8. Yeah pretty similar for sure, with more romping and such it would definitely be around 14-15mpg like you stated earlier.
  9. Was able to retest this week for hwy miles with easy shifting and very minimal horse play, I got 22mpg. That was keeping my tach at 2100rpms mostly.
  10. 18.5 MPG avg... mostly HWY. I got around 20.5 on a recent road trip. It did a lot better before I put the Vortech on.