MPH Mongoose Vortech Kit vs. RPMoutlet's Procharger Kit.

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  1. I of course want to avoid a pissing match whenever possible.However I can state for a fact ANY P1SC setup we have done apples to apples with a SQ trim(IE: same cams,heads,exhaust,psi of boost) the SQ has come out way on top.

    Both blowers are good choices,but on any setup we have ever built or tuned(alot I might add) the Vortech SQ has always beat the P1SC.
    We have made 626rwhp and 619rwhp on 2 GT's using Vortech SQ trim blowers.

    You really can't go wrong with either setup but from what I've seen its a SQ all day long over a P1SC.
  2. Everyone, you have just been :owned: (unless you agreed with him) . Tim knows what the heck he is talking about...I can back that up from personally talking to the guy and seeing his work.
  3. You have a little something on your nose there. :D
    So Tim, can you honestly say that your S-Trim based Mongoose kit being run at 8psi as advertised will wipe the floor with a comparable P-1SC making the same level of boost? How do you explain the fact that there are numerous guys on here making in the 390rwhp area with the ATI kits at this level, where the S-Trim based Mongoose guys are usually topping out at about 20-30hp less than that? :shrug:

    I realize that the additon of the intercooler on the Procharger kits has to put it at an advantage, but the original question was one versus the other, not the Vortech with the addition of the aftercooler vs the stock Procharger.
  4. I don't know about the Vortech kit but the P1SC on the Mustang I'm driving right now makes some pretty good power. On a '98 GT with stock heads, full bolt-ons, Comp274 cams, and a 10psi P1SC it made 400rwhp/385rwtq. So far so good. It makes power up to almost 6000rpm too.

    Hopefully it doesn't blow up. I'm taking it easy right now and progressively stepping it up. Does any one know at what rpm the P1SC hits full boost?
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: REALLY???
    But seriously Mr :canada: , let the guy tune your car and you will see what I mean. Then just look around his shop as he starts telling you what each car makes and whats its got, ect. Like freegin everything there makes between 400 and could make 1300. Its crazy and gives you this undescribable feeling and motovation.
    It made my dad start working on his 00 stang, and now it went from looking like a stock V6 to something that you would fear when you pull next to it...DD bullitts, chin spoiler, and now hood scoop going on, ect. Looks great now.
  6. Tim, how the heck are you? Glad to see that your hobby has turned into a good business. As always, respect your opinions.
  7. Sorry dude, but no one has been owned. Opinions are like holes, everyone has one. No one is denying that Tim is a very learned individual when it comes to mods, but there are very astute people who can agree and dissagree with Tim. I happen to be the type of person who does not take one persons word, opinions as the gospel. The one thing I think most can agree on when it comes to the P1, the limitations are more pronounced than the S-trim on the ultimate potential, but they both have limitations. I am taking this thread as more a comparison between the two in more or less stock trim versus a full blown application.
  8. I Would buy the Modularpowerhouse one becuase it is complete and comes with a Great tune! Rpm Outlet also has screwed me! so I wouldn't trust their tune!
  9. It's a moot point anyway. Get a KB 2.2 from MPH and be done with it. And if you never plan a forged shortblock, get a KB 1.7.:cheers:
  10. Just a joke, out of respect for Tims knowledge.:nice: Opinions are just that, opinions. And i too never take anyones opinions as absolute truth, since we are all humans and are not perfect. I DO however respect certain peoples opinions much more than others, and would be willing to go the route Tim suggests W/O looking into it myself....just basically saying i wouldnt put my life on the line for anyones opnions, but as far as one combo being better than another...ill take Tims word on it.
  11. Well you pretty much insinuated such by issuing a quote from Tims partner that he has never seen a 500rwhp P1 setup. Please don't deny that. Then you question Gearbanger by asking if he thinks Tims partner is a liar. All I pointed out was that I have seen a 500 rwhp P1, and not to call me a liar. If you want to compare 8-12# kits, generally the P1 will make more power. Please take note, that I say generally, not an absolute fact like you are claiming. I learned years ago, there is no such thing as an absolute fact other than the two we all know. One being we all die sometime, and the second we will pay taxes. Other than that it is pigheaded and ignorant for anyone to claim it is an absolute fact. Hopefully you are not claiming that you are pigheaded and ignorant.

    Here you go again, claiming absolute fact. It is your opinion, and until I hear it from some higher being, then it cannot be an absolute fact and you have no way to back up that you are the right person to claim it is an absolute fact.

    I am surprised that you are still building boost, but then going flat. No saying it isn't true. I know from my own personal experience, my GT made power right through redline on a 3.33 pully.

    If we are talking about torque, it is partially true, but from y experiences, the stepup ration has much more to do with the TQ numbers being so much better than the S-trim. With the 4.10 stepup, you are seeing more boost earlier in the rpm band than the S-trim, which is where TQ is made. You can make similar peark HP numbers, but I will take a 35-50 lb.ft of TQ advantahe anytime.

    Here you go again, quoting what you think as facts. You did not state an P1 is maxed out at 500rwhp, you stated that it could not be done. I claimed I had seen it with my own two eyes.

    Reliability? Where is it fact the P1 is not as reliable as an S-trim. I have seen both of them break. That is as bad as the P1 guys claiming the P1 is much better than the S-trim because you don't have to punch a hole in the oil pan. Here again, it is my opinion this is a bogus argument, but would never have the stones to claim FACT!!

    Yes, the P1 has had seal issues, but then again, the S-trim kit when it first came out for the 99's and years following, had all sorts of issues with the idler pully it supplied. It took almost 2 years, possibly three to get that corrected, and many people were down because of it. I am not sure, but I think Vortech is on gen 3 of the idler issue.

    Again, until you can prove to me it is a fact, something that I do not believe you could do, because you think (sorry Tim, not meant as an insult) whatever Tim and the guys at MPH feel are the facts, then your argument is jaded and senseless.

    Bottom line, choosing a power adder is a personal choice, and if they are setup correctly, they will both do the job. I happen to approach things with an open mind, and not take one persons word as FACT!, something you are so inclined to do.

    These arguments have gone on for years, just like which power adder is better, or from my older days of modding, which carb. is better or is fule injection so much better than a carb. These differing opinions will always be there, and it comes to choice. I like Chocolate, you like Vanilla. Does that make either one better than the other . . . Nope. But I will never claim for a FACT! that Chocolate is better than Vanilla.

  12. I think just about everything that can be said about these two blowers has been said. :shrug:
  13. I am glad you respect Tim this much. It is always good to lean towards the guy who is doing the work on your car. My point really there are differeing opinions on the subject. I go to Laroccas, and he is hell bent on ATI. I go to JD's and he says Vortech. Bottom line, is you should go with ther peson you feel most comfortable with, and no argument with your thinking and decision. Tim and MPH certainly have earned that respect.

    Sorry to hog the thread tonight.
  14. LOL! Who asked you teach. How you feeling by the way?
  15. And we have one of these guys that pick apart EVERY SINGLE THING YOU SAY arguing(no offence ofcourse) :nonono: Juts like freegin 300BHP and gearbanger. Freaking 1000 word posts lol. And you can never win because if you try they will just come back and pick apart every word (and each post doubles in size :lol:), and it will never end. So whoever is debating, just cant win :nice: Take it from experiance lol, I have just learned to try and agree on something, or just say "im done" "you have the last word" ect. Eventually you will get tired and say something stupid, and ofcourse they find it and will make you look like an idiot. :rlaugh:
  16. Thanks for asking. Not feeling too well right now. I've had a head ache for about 6 weeks and problems with my eyes. I'm going for an MRI tomorrow and will get the results next week. Hopefully it is not related to the lymphoma.
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  19. Jim, hopefully it is just the stress you are going through right now or something as simple as old age. Heck, everytime I go to the office I get a headache, need to retire. best wished tomorrow.