MPH Mongoose Vortech Kit vs. RPMoutlet's Procharger Kit.

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  1. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: The newest desciple of gearbanger and 300...."REDGTvert" . LOL, just messing. You guys (and you too red) know what you are talking about, but i dont even read all those quotes durring debates(unless agianst me lol). Then when I seen Red doing it, I had to say something HAHAHA.
  2. Hot, just for you I won't won't use quotes. LOL! desciple of Gearbanger? Heck, I don't even like the guy. My problem is really when someone says it is a fact just because someone happens to say so. Back to ebay to see if I am still in the running for a new car.

    BTW, not so new around here, notice the Founding Member under my name. You have half the number of posts I do, and have been on here 5 years less than me. LOL!
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    (BTW i dont care if you quote individual points...its good in a way.......I just fly on past them anyways HAHAHAHA!)

    My posts are known to get LONG too, and I have a bad habbit of not using any breaks guys arent bad, believe me, atleast everyone knows what part of the guys quote you are talking about :lol: Mine looks like a rediculously long run on sentence!
  5. No sir.The base ATI kit with cooler will usually put out more power because of the cooler.Kinda like anytime we add a cooler to a Vortech kit it makes more power.
    Apples to apples the ATI intercooled kit verses a non intercooled mongoose kit will make more power with equal PSI simply because more timing can be run with the cooler.
  6. Just to clear some things up.RedGT and I go way back.I take no offense to anything he says.
    He is correct to be honest.Everyone has an opinion and is entilted to it.Noone was "owned" because I made a comment.I'm not God,and Im not always right.I try not to open my mouth unless I can prove what I m saying so I dont look like an idiot.
    However,I do stand behind my statement that on equal High HP setups the SQ trim has produced more power on any car we have seen with equal mods to the Prochager P1SC.

    Both setups ,again,are nice..Hell anything that jams air into a engine is alright by me.;)
  7. some poeple like hotmustangs331 think you are, really if you needed a bj all you'd have to do is take a trip to bastrop :D
  8. We'll to be honest thats great that they do.We do stand behind our customers and cars 100% so the loyalty is appreciated.We don't mislead anyone nor put money infront of honesty.Thats probably why we have 42 cars here and our phones ring off the hook.
    Hotmustang was treated badly by alot of shops in Texas and chose to drive to GA to get tuned.We treated him with respect and got his car acting properly where other shops had failed.He felt good about the experience for the first time so I completely understand his aggressive loyalty and happiness with us.He is entitled to his opinion just like everyone else.;)
    BJ is not needed,he pays us back 10 fold with his positive post.
  9. LOL its funny you say "your not God" . Some of your people on MPH have "tuned by the god himself" in their sigs :rlaugh: .
    But no, i dont suck up to anyone...not even the big bosses @ freescale :D. BUT i do give respect where its due :nice: (btw I know that facts "own" someone....not opinions. I was just playing around.)

    And TOMUSTANG...This home boy dont play that game :puke: . Im in the middle of eating grits for crying out loud!...and your not helping:nonono: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Oh, and Tim just rereading that, noother shops had failed in tuning the car becuase i didnt even darken their doors lol. That chip was mail ordered WAY before the cams. The only "good" shop in the area wouldnt even give me credit for my SCT chip, and wanted freegin $600 to tune it! Thats when I said "heck, ill just drive to GA for about the same price (total W/ gas, food, ect) and then i know it will be done right".
  10. oh dear god. here we go again.

    read what Andy said. he said he doesn't deny there could be one to hit 500, just that he hasn't seen one. the reason is because they usually top out at the 480-500 range.

    and i didn't call you a liar....

    because the P1 has an intercooler. the power difference isn't very large considering one is intercooled and one isn't! i'm sorry if that is a hard concept to grasp.

    what a lame attempt at a passive-aggresive insult. i guess according to you 600rwhp is not more than 500rwhp then.

    i don't know what kind of math you were taught in school, but where i come from, 600hp is more than 500hp. that would be a fact, not an opinion.

    it's going flat for the last 500rpm upto redline. i don't understand what is so hard to understand here.

    again, most of that is due to TIMING. intercooled vs non-intercooled. remember?

    you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG on this account. go back and read post #20 of this thread. i wrote "the P1SC dies around 500rwhp while the S trim has gone well past the 600 mark.".

    please quit making stuff up.

    seeing as how the P1 has had several instances of seal failure, i'd say it's not reliable. i'm not aware of any idler pulley problems. i've had my blower since 01 with no problem with anything except the factory tune and the Walboro fuel pump. to me a problem with the headunit, you know, the most important/expensive part of the kit, is much more troubling than a pulley.

    um, ok. i guess you know more than the pro's how could i have ever doubted you. please do me a favor and get a P1-SC kit and make over 669rwhp or whatever the top S trim has made and prove me wrong.

    now if you'll excuse me, i'll go do something more productive. like play Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360.
  11. I'd trust Gearbanger to supercharge my car anyday.
  12. Damn guys, give it up. This thread is done. :Zip2:
  13. Not all participants are male. ;)
  14. I realize that. I use the term in it's generic sense.
  15. On a serious note and fecal matter aside, there is a lot of good insight here and those reading can hopefully get some perspective on FI alternatives.
  16. Yep, and probably not much else of value to be added. :nice:
  17. i'm sorry, but i have to respond to personal attacks, especially when i'm right.:lock:
  18. That's understandable.:nice:
  19. :lol:
  20. Lemme guess:

    This must be a topic over which blower to get.