Mr. Clean Car Wash Actually Works !

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  1. Have any of you tried the new Mr. Clean Car Wash deal ? Some friends of ours used it on ther Black 04 Denali and swore by it. So, I decided to try it. First we tried it on the 03 Corolla I bought my mom. I was shocked it worked - NO DRYING. Then we decided to give it the real test and use it on my wifes 03 Expedition, AND IT WORKED! Man, I am so glad I don't have to dry that behemoth.

    If anyone is interested in trying this thing here is a link to the manufacturers site where you can learn about it and get coupons.
  2. Maybe its just me........ but i like drying off my car after washing it. Call me strange i guess :shrug:
  3. Is it in stores yet?
  4. You are STRANGE :D

    I have the Mustang, 68 Charger, a full size Dodge truck, an Expedition, a boat, and I take care of my moms car for her (shes 74); WAY TOO MUCH TO DETAIL.

    If I wash, dry, wax, and detail just the Expy and my truck it takes me an entire day from 7 am to about 4 pm. That cuts too much into the fabbin on pony time ;) This will save me a bunch of time
  5. We got it at Target
  6. Your not the first one to tell me that
  7. I was thinking of getting it for the filter, and still washing by hand/bucket. We have serious hard water issues here, and I thought it would be good to at least get all the minerals, etc out of the water....Maybe we'll try it on the Bronco. I don't MIND drying a car, but in the warm weather, it's a race to dry the truck before the water evaporates by itself!
  8. I have heard nothing bad about this product yet. Two of my friends were raving about it this free drying. I might pick some up! They found it at wally world.
  9. Not strange at all....drying it lets me get up close and personal with the paint and find all the new chips and scratches that I need to fill and fax.
  10. That's just it. Trying to dry a big, dark color behemoth before it dries into spots was a nightmare. We use absorbers, california water blades, and compressed air and it never really came out spot free (and it took forever). Yesterday was about 80 degrees. We washed them in the shade but the air temp was still warm. I am still shocked that it actually worked. Check the Expy and today and it looks great.
  11. Hey, I work for the company that makes this stuff - Procter and Gamble - good stuff and good company.

  12. I just tried it. Amazing. I was unsure of this stuff until a perfectionist like gp001 started a thread on this.
    Before, I tried DuraShine by DuraLube a few years ago. It had to be applied with a sponge, and it only lasted a couple of washes before a towel had to be used.

    This stuff is a whole system, no application, just spray. a miracle product that works.

    I also got another miracle product, hopefully this works too. The Sharper Image Quadra Air Cleaner. I have really bad allergies.
  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: You obviously have never read the 2MFF Fab Shop "About" page
  14. good point. but you lead the world in returning products. :D