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  1. Has anyone ever used this before? Does it really make the water spotless?
  2. i dont think neone will answer ya, no one answered me when i asked
  3. I will. I bought mine at Target last week for $19.99. In it they had a sample bottle of car wash and filter. It does everything they said it would do. I managed to was my car and my mother's Cadillac. No spots at all on both cars. It said on the samples that it was enough for approximately 3 uses, but I managed to only get 2 uses out of it. I guess if you use a lot of water and if you have hard water it can limit your usage. Yesterday I bought the full size bottle of car wash ($4.99) and filter (approx. 10 uses-$5.99 I think it was) It's going to rain this weekend so I won't be able to use it again
    soon. The sprayer itself is very durable-ABS plastic and the controls are intuitive.
  4. anyone else?? :shrug: is this stuff safe for our paint? does it strip the wax off our cars?
  5. It won't effect wax. The chemicals in the wash are just to neutralize the material that causes spots. It has no stripping capabilities.
  6. so then is this stuff good or what?
  7. It will not harm the wax because the car wash neutralizes the pH of the water and helps to sheet the "bad" water off the car, you then switch the control to rinse, and the filter filters the "bad" impurities in the water and sprays a mist of "clean" water, that is what stops the hard water spots. Its the filter and not the car wash soap really. Try washing your car with any car wash soap, then rinse it off with water that has gone through the brita filter, i bet you would see similar results.

    just my .02 :flag:
  8. kind of offtopic, but do they have filters that you can hook up to your garden hose to help filter out impurities in the water? i have a major problem with water spots, being in cali :mad:
  9. So what I am understanding about this product is that it is merely designed to eliminate water spots and make it so you don't have to dry your car? So you could wash your car say with Meguiars Gold Class and then instead of rinsing with regular water from the hose, rinse with the Mr. Clean wash and you'd have no water spots and less drying? Is that correct? Sounds like a good deal if it works. Right now the wax on my car is pretty much gone so water spots are a problem when the weather prevails long enough to permit a washing. :(
  10. It uses two methods to prevent spots. The car wash soap that comes with it is designed to sheet rather than beed so that it minimizes the water that stays on the car. Using ordinary car wash soap may make it less effective. Most car wash soaps are designed to bead, not sheet water. Second the filters in the device remove the deposits in the water that generally cause the white residue you see left behind after water spots dry.

    Personally I think it is kind of expensive. Neither the car wash soap or the filters last very long if you frequently wash your car. I guess it would probably be great for the general public who probably only wash their cars on a monthly basis. I wash my car weekly, sometimes more so I would be constantly buying new soap and filters.

    Use these simple methods to prevent spots on your car after washing.

    1. Do not wash in full sun, do it either in the morning or late afternoon.
    2. After washing take the nozzle off the hose and let the water run over the car starting at the roof and working down, this causes the water too sheet off.
    3. Use waffle weave microfiber towels to blot the rest of the water off the car.

    Just my 2 cents
  11. the prob i have is that i would go through like 50 towels, because once they are a little damn the leave behind little streaks of water, which bead up and become water spots
  12. Sounds like you have towels that aren't very absorbant. If you are using cotton or microfiber NEVER wash the towels for your car with a detergent that contains fabric softeners or other unnecessary chemicals like fragrances and such. Also, never put fabric softening sheets in the dryer with yout car towels. Fabric softeners coat the fiber with a chemical that makes them feel softer. The problem is it also reduces the absorbancy of your towels which is probably why you say it takes 50 to dry your car. I can get my GT COMPLETELY dry with two waffle weave microfiber towels. You might want to check them out at Ranney is a great guy and a pleasure to do business with. He is in Hawaii but, shipments rarely take more than 3-5 days and his prices are pretty good.
  13. i'd be interested in this also. anybody know where i can get one? maybe home depot or something like that?
  14. the prob with that is im livin at as im still in hs, so it kinda hard to make sure things would be washed properly
  15. Get yourself a couple of waffle weave microfiber towels from and don't let your mom wash them :) All you really have to do with them is soak them in a bucket with clean car wash detergent, rinse them with clean water and then hang them up to dry.
  16. rjstaaf, you will be interested to know that the NXT Car Wash from Meguiar's is designed to reduce water spotting by using an engineered water softener. It helps reduce deposits in hard water, leaving behind a spot-free finish.

    I know that you are a Meguiar's nut. :D
  17. Bought one at Wal-Mart for just under 20 bucks; Advance Auto has it for 18 and change. First off, it does exactly what it says it will. I washed my Cobra with it, applied the spot free rinse and the car dried spotlessly, including windows and mirrors. I did the Cobra and my Maxima in less than an hour. The starter filter, supposedly good for three spot free rinses did not completely dry the second car. Although it works as advertised there are a few issues worthy of passing on:
    First, the water pressure that this thing provides, even in the normal rinse mode is less than what I get out of my garden hose with a regular pistol-grip nozzle. This thing will not rinse any heavy accumulations of mud or salt off a vehicle. Second, there is even less pressure in the soap mode. All this mode does is to apply the soap to the vehicle. If anyone is buying this thing with the idea that it can also be used to power wash a boat or house windows & siding, they are going to be disappointed. I live at the beach, and many times my cars will be covered with a coating of sea spray a couple days after washing. I was hoping that this product would provide me a way to remove the sea spray between "real" washings without sponging or drying. I doubt that it will provide that function.
    Bottom line: the unit works as advertised. It saves the user time in two ways: First, by not having to continually rinse and rewet your sponge or mit in a bucket of water (much like a power roller saves you time painting by not having to continually reapply paint to the roller). Second, it saves time by not requiring drying of the car.
    Is it worth 20 bucks? Yes. Is it worth the $35 it was initially advertised for on TV and online? NO WAY!
  18. I know, I got in on an early purchase and got the whole NXT line. You can see pics of how my car turned out at the webshots link in my sig. I have had the NXT tech wax on my car since Jan 14 :)