MRT Announces 2012 Boss 302 MaxFlow H-Pipe

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    Plymouth Michigan- The Mustang Boss 302 is back and MRT is proud to announce their Boss 302 MaxFlow High performance H-Pipe equipped with low restriction catalytic converters. MRT designed, engineered and manufactured their new Boss 302 H-Pipe at their Plymouth, Michigan facility. The MRT Boss 302 MaxFlow H-Pipe provides increased performance with a deep throaty exhaust note.

    The MRT Boss 302 H-Pipe minimizes restriction and power loss by maximizing the flow of exhaust gases. During the design process, MRT engineers optimized three key elements; tube diameter, smoothness of the exhaust path, back pressure of the catalyst. The factory Boss 302 comes equipped with a 2.5 inch diameter mid-pipe at the point of restriction. The MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe widens the mid-pipe to 3 inches. The MRT CNC mandrel bend technology ensures smooth bends resulting in the Boss 302 exhaust gases exiting quicker, providing more power and performance.

    The MRT Boss 302 H-Pipe offers additional performance gains by reducing restrictions caused by the catalytic converters. MRT offers Boss 302 owners a choice of two cats for increased performance. For street driving, MRT engineers recommend their Performance version, with high performance ceramic cats that improve the exhaust flow over the factory system. MRT recommends their Race H-Pipe equipped with premium metallic cats for an even greater reduction in back pressure for open track and extreme performance driving.

    The deep rumble of the H-Pipe is a result of the “H” shape maximizing total mid-pipe volume by avoiding an intersection of the exhaust gases. It is that extra volume that provides the deep, muscle car exhaust note.

    Like all the MRT exhaust products, the Boss 302 MaxFlow H-Pipes are manufactured out of top quality 304 Stainless Steel that is very durable and corrosion resistant. MRT catalytic converters also built to last with choice packing designed to endure serious performance activities for many years.

    Boss 302 owners will like the fact that the MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe does not require any modifications to their Mustang or factory exhaust system. The system is a direct fit and attaches with bolts. MRT engineers designed their new system to accommodate the unique Boss 302 side exhaust that will remain functional after the installation of the MRT H-Pipe.

    MRT is an aftermarket engineering, customization and sales company based in Plymouth, Michigan that specializes in automotive exhaust, styling and performance. MRT LLC offers installation, fabrication and custom paint services.

    Contact MRT 734-455-5807 Aftermarket Performance Parts for Mustang & Camaro - MRT Direct

    2011-2012 Mustang Boss 302 MRT MaxFlow Performance H-Pipe, with Cats

    2011-2012 Mustang Boss 302 MRT MaxFlow Race H-Pipe, with Cats
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