Electrical Msd 6al Box And Distributor Install


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Nov 5, 2003
In absolute perfect conditions this may be possible in 2 hours but I found that in my normal world was about an average couple months not counting shipping back and forth. Learned a lot. Refreshed on a lot too. As long as i get a few years of use out of this setup it will be worth it..

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Nov 29, 1999
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I set up my engine run stand with a 6Al ,dropped the dist in my 351 ,wired in the tach all in about 2 hours and had the motor running .
Lent out the 6AL box to a friend to start his motor a few days later ,within 5 minutes the Box was burned out. $200 later and the next day from a craigslist add i had a new 6AL still in the box ,hooked it back up on my stand and in 5 minutes had it running again ...It will stay on my stand until the motor is ready to drop into the car .:O_o: