Msd (may Die Suddenly) Pro Billet Distributors. What Are Your Complaints?

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  1. I have an MSD Pro Billet Distributor, although I had to change the p.o.s. MSD TFI modual a month after I installed the distributor with a Motorcraft TFI I have been problem free with it (so far).

    I have read a lot of negative comments about them and I would like to know your gripes about them.
  2. My pro billet $280.00 msd was bad outta the box, rpm would jump around at idle. No stalling then but when the 3g 130amp got installed, I got tons of stalling 2500-3500rpms. Also would press the power window switch with ac/ stereo on and rpm would jump randomly. Threw in a stock dizzy, CLEARED right up!!! BOOOOOO for msd!!!!

    believe they just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy,
    ....NO [email protected] wonder!!!! :riot::riot::riot:
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  3. Never heard anyone make a positive comment about one. :shrug:

    Granted folks usually speak up more when they're unhappy about something.
  4. To tell the truth I am thinking about s**t canning the MSD and buying another stocker. I don't want to be Found On Road Dead because the rest of the distributor failed me like the TFI did.

    If I get enough good valid reasons that will help me make my decision.
  5. Luckily I still was under warranty with Summit, 9months used in a 1 year warranty, Full Refund, GO Summit GO Summit!!!!:trip:
  6. I had one in my car a few years ago. When I was setting up Kurgan to tune it he asked a bunch of questions and once he heard I had one he Strongly suggested I put the stocker back in.

    I did and it has worked fine for me. Did the MSD fail on me? no. However, when a well respected tuner tells me to dump it and put the stock FoMoCo back in, I listened.
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  7. I have had one on since 7/6/2012. Haven't had a problem dizzy involved yet.
  8. Do you have a 3g installed??
  9. yes I do, one of the best mods I think I have done.
  10. The 3g brought out the msd gremlin for me. I probably could of lived with a jumpy tach, but was annoying though.
  11. Not yet. I had a little 110 or so amp "chrome" alternator I put on around 9/18/2011. It went out so I went with a Power Master 140 and its been good so far. I put it on 4/10/2013. If it goes out I will be swapping to 3g. Just trying to avoid the install at this moment. I've read a few install articles for 3g but trying to avoid it for now.
  12. Probillet here with no issues, but car doesn't get a whole lot of miles y8anamu7.jpg

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  13. Sorry if I didn't mention. My car is my DD and drives a minimum of 30 miles a day.
  14. Me and a buddy built this car, it gets maybe a few hundred miles a year lol

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  15. Its freaking gorgeous!
  16. Thanks, he's actually in Afghanistan right now so it pretty much just sits its actually a capri

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  17. It turns a lot of heads u6evu5a2.jpg

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  18. Much appreciation for his services! I love the look of those. My fox is originally a 85 I'm slowly switching back to that front end. Although, I just purchased a 79-82 bumper I figure it's closer to stock than the 87-93.
  19. This ones an 81 capri, you really don't see many around especially this clean. My notch is a 91 but I do like the early 4eye cars

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  20. Had all MSD- distributor, 6AL, coil. BTM in the 90's and not a problem on a couple of cars. Bought a new MSD distributor when I did my top end last year just for the bling and the car ran like total crap. Put the stocker back in and problem went away. Since then, I've heard nothing but complaints about MSD- seems they went way down in quality and have been making their parts overseas now for several years. Now they went Chapter 11. Very sad to see a once well respected company go down the toilet like that.

    I say save your money for better upgrades. The stock ignition system is better than MSD IMO and can support well into the 400hp range. The only MSD item I could see needing is a BTM for a power adder.