Msd (may Die Suddenly) Pro Billet Distributors. What Are Your Complaints?

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  1. I fell to the MSD TFI bug twice! It became a paper weight.
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  2. Those are total crap!!!!
  3. It's seems like we're seeing more and more once quality parts biting the dust these days. It is a shame.
    What would you all suggest to use, Mallory?
    Also, since most MSD is getting junkier. Has anyone had problems with there BTM's? I'll be needing one soon, maybe.
  4. I went with a Mallory and have been very pleased.
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  5. Don't delay cause it's a fire hazard. Your plug may be melting. Search "My 3g upgrade" and take a look at my plug, barely caught it in time!!!:eek:
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  6. What plug? I've heard of them catching fire before.
  7. What... No link? :shrug:
  8. No issues out of both of them on the 2 275 cars. The nitrous car has an offset set up now.

    Both run crank triggers though
  9. I run a BS3 crank trigger setup without using the TFI module on an MSD8456, if memory serves. Never had a problem, but also never drove the car much.

  10. This is kinda what happened to me except I never got as far as purchasing one. The only difference is that my advisers are guys here on Stangnet. Enough of them had said it that never would have occurred to me to even try one.
  11. Cannot post link with my phone acting up, but its on stangnet forum search. Wasn't long ago either, got plenty of pics also. "My 3g Upgrade" was the title also

  12. lemme guess... iphone? :oops:

    It's ok buddy... It happens to all of us sometimes. :hug:
  13. Bad service in location im at for the weekend, in and out, took me 20min upload my tale light thread pic.
  14. Okay, I read your "Install 3g upgrade". I don't use the factory wire for my alternator. I have a 4g wire ran to the battery with an inline fuse.
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  15. @Grabbin' Asphalt Any fire related problems this way?
  16. The fatory wire(two wires into one) plug caused an overheating to one wire if the connection was loose, basically more load than the little wire could handle. So if you have a 4awg wire with inline mega fuse(not the round ones) flat ones and have 4awg ground wire for return(important) you are good :nice:
  17. The ground off the block I assume? I do and the firewall one. Yea, It's a 125 amp fuse I think.
  18. For insurance, I added (2) 4awg grounds one to block where neg battery connectes, bolt is long enough to stack, and one to the intake/ firewall. Btw all your dash gauges read better with that good ground on the intake/firewall spot.
  19. So the firewall/intake and the neg battery connect at the block?
  20. Neg battery cable connects to block under the oil filter-ish area toward water pump. Stack the extra 4awg ground there and run
    it near the battery fenderwell beside the washer fluid refill. You will already see a small ground there, just stack it. The other is rear of the intake near pvc valve connects to firewall near the brake booster in the open.