Mt-82 Worn Counter Shaft, Ground Gears, Synchros (ford Service Help)

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  1. Could someone from Ford Service please comment on the current situation regarding the MT-82's. My 2013 is having the tranmission replaced for the second time. I was told "We haven't seen this failure before... etc. BS" What, if anything, is being done to correct this problem? I'm beginning to lose some faith and very weary that my third tranmission will suffer the same issues. I've contacted Ford in addition to my dialogue with the dealer and got a case started.

    I attached a picture of the notes from the report when they replaced the first transmission at 14XXX miles. It's at the dealership now (MT-82 #2 on order) with 18,620mi. This is getting very old. First 4th gear now 3rd is crunching.

    MT-82 report.jpg
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