Muffler Bearings Gone Bad??

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  1. This guy may know something about it!!!

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  2. is that you?
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  4. I need a new decal, anyone have one of these lying around?

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  5. ^^^^^ ONLY $275 bucks, that's a steal!!!
  6. I am in need of the 4th actuator on the 7th Fletcher valve...........anyone have one I could use?
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  8. I do, but you'll have to supply your own ball bearings, gauze pads, and Prestone anti-freeze - no, better make it Quaker State
  9. No use for a flux in my fox. It takes too long to get up to 88 mph
  10. ^^^^you only have 1.16 gigawatts :lol:
  11. Had to replace the kaneuter valve a few times. It's easiest if you prime the CAI air reservoir with a bucket or two of air before bleeding the lines.
  12. Prime and Bleed the CAI!!!! ........:spit: .....I've been laughing for 10min, now that's just AWESOME tech right there!! :rlaugh::rlaugh:
  13. buddy of mine is a general contractor. He used to play jokes on the greenpea's and give them a bucket and tell them to go get a bucket of steam to soak the rusty bolts in.